Family Trees

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(The List is incomplete and further tree will be added in due course).

All families Pedigree showing Bill Burgar linked to all ancestral families
Adams Israel Adams and descendants  (range1750 -1850)

Thomas Adams and descendants (range1845 -1964)

Bond Edmund Bond (the elder) and descendants (range 1700 - 1740)

Edmund Bond (the younger) and descendants (range 1732 - 1870)

John Bond and Ann Scott descendants (range 1734-1823)

John Bond and Elizabeth Perrin descendants (range 1734-1895)

James Bond and descendants (range 1834-1940)

Burgar See list of family trees for the descendants of John Burgar (1742-1796)

See list of family trees for the descendants of Robert Burgar (1752-1820)

Coe John Coe and descendants (range 1800 - 1960)
Fish John Fish and descendants (range 1780 -1900)
Mudford Robert Mudford and descendants (range 1751-1925)

Ancestors of Esther Mudford (range 1570 -1876)

Netto David Netto and descendants (range 1654 - 1902)
Patterson George Patterson and descendants (range 1790 - 1835)
Peacock See list of the many Peacock family trees
Rowe John Rowe and descendants (range 1770 - 1936)
Shelley John Shelley and descendants (range 1771-1836)
Wetherilt/Wetherell Thomas Wetherell/Wetherilt and descendants (range 1745-1925)


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