Interesting Stories and Notes

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The stories below are concerned with the various Burgar and Related persons described in this history.

First World War stories Deaths, Service Records, Medals
Second World War stories Service details and Medals, Battle of Atlantic
Coroner's Report of Suicide on John Burgar (1778-1836)
Notes and Problems The Three Walter Burgar in about 1800

Evidence for parents of John Peacock (1813-1896)

Life in an 1860s Orphanage. Caroline Burgar (1847- 19?)
Marriage Licence Marriage Licence for Mary Burgar (1817-)
Removal from Parish

Settlement orders

Removal of Mary (Kent) Burgar from Nottingham

Settlement order for Jonathon Peacock in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

Attitudes to Marriage Separation, divorce and remarriage
Wills Will of Benjamin Burgar (1783-1835)

Will of Sarah Leather (1789-1858) Not entered yet

Will of Andrew Wood West (1791-1862) Not entered yet

Biographies/Autobiographies Lily (Bond) Burgar (1911-2001) - "Life of Lily"

John Burgar (1787-1816) - "Diary of a Methodist Minister"

Death of John Burgar in 1797 as described by his son above

Bell Ringing Burgars Frank Burgar

William Burgar

Living conditions in 1820s Nottingham Plan of houses in Nottingham where Walter Burgar (abt1790 -after 1831) lived

Photo of house in a typical Court in Nottingham (Number 1)

Photo of house in a typical Court in Nottingham (Number 2)

Description of living conditions in one of the Courts in Nottingham

Infant mortality

Diseases (Cholera, Typhoid and Typhus)

Burgar and other families in Court John Arthur Burgar in Court for illegal car indicators

Robert James Burgar pulls pistol during argument

Benjamin Burgar carries out citizens arrest. Prisoner transported for 7 years.

Rachael Burgar stealing - 3 years in reformatory.

Walter Burgar receiving stolen property - acquitted

William Bond transported for life for theft.

Apprenticeship Indentures in 1900s See details
Village names in Essex See details of Roothing Villages in Essex
DNA studies DNA tests and results for Burgar family and for Peacock family
Select Committee in Parliament John Burgar appears in Parliament before the Select Committee on the Sale of Beer.
Emigration to New Zealand Emigration requirements in the 1840s

Mudford family in shipping list.

Newspaper Reports Alfred Burgar falls off kerb (Drunk??)


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