The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Introduction to the Burgar/Burgess families  in Shetland

This account aims to describe all that is known about the Burgar/Burger/Burgess family in Shetland from the earliest times.

It has been found by DNA that Bill Burgar (author of this story, born in England) is related to John Moncrieff  Burgess, better known as Jack Burgess, (and thus his brother James Robert Lindsay Burgess, better known as Robbie Burgess) and Gilbert Scot Burgess, better known as Bertie Burgess,  all of whom were born in Shetland.

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The ancestors of Jack, Robbie and Bertie Burgess have been traced back to about 1750 in Shetland.  The Shetland Family History Society 54  and Tony Gott 12 have databases showing these families.  Information on these Burgar/Burgess families can be seen by clicking on the Later Burgar >1750  button above.

However, there are very few records prior to 1750 that enable family trees to be drawn up with any certainty before this time.  However, the available evidence from Court Cases and other sources has been used to derive Trees for some families going back into the early 1600s.  In other cases some Burgars can only be linked tentatively together.  To see information on these early Burgar families click on the Early Burgar <1750  button above.

There were Burgar families in Shetland from as early as the 1500s, although after about 1850 the surname changed to Burgess.

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