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The Families in this History.

This history is primarily about the Burgar family in England.

The Burgar surname is very rare in England.  From about 1740 less than 500 persons with this surname have been born in England. All the present day persons with this surname seem to have originated from either a John Burgar  (1742-1797) or from Robert Burgar (1754-1820). Both lived most of their lives in London but their place of birth is unknown.

However, the Burgar surname was very common in the Orkney and Shetland Islands as early as the 15th century. Genetic testing shows that the English Burgar family is related to the Burgar/Burgess families living in Shetland, but the two branches separated about 300 years ago.  It is thus thought that the above John and Robert Burgar, or one of their ancestors, migrated from Shetland to London before the mid 1700s.

Thus there is information on the Burgar/Burgess in Shetland (click on above menu).

In addition to the Burgar family, there are details of other families that inter-married with the Burgar family. 

We hope that you will enjoy the history of the Burgars and related families.  The families have had numerous ups and downs  (mainly the latter), and were probably typical of many families during the last three Centuries.

See a list of surnames of related families

The relationships of all these families are shown on pedigree family trees originating from Bill Burgar (author of this work).

See relationship of all families to Bill Burgar.

The main member of these related families can be accessed by clicking the Related Families button on the menu buttons above.  

Alternatively, click the Name Index  button on the above menu.

In addition, other Burgar families will be described at a later date. These include:

1.    The descendants of Bauduin Burgar, a Belgium-Walloon immigrant to England in 1595.

2.    The Burgar family who settled in Canada in the 1790s

3.    The Burgar families from Orkney

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