Interesting Shetland Stories and Notes

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Court Cases

Breaking the laws of the Sabbath was a very serious offence, as was name-calling and slander.  Fighting was heavily punished especially if blood was spilt.  The Burgar family were involved in all of these offences as will be seen below.  Sometimes they were merely witnesses.

Witness and accused in Yell - 1572, 1686 and 1615 Concerns James Burgar
Plunder of Ship - Saint Fransisco - 1678 Concerns George and David Burger
Court case against whole community - 1687 Concerns  Laurence Burger caught up in dispute involving the Sinclair family
Court cases for fighting etc.- 1694 to 1700 Concerns George Burger and his wife Jean Williamson, plus children Laurence, Robert, John & Jean
Court appearance - receiving money - 1720 Concerns John Burger's role in Sinclair family dispute
Sheriff Court records receipt - 1726 Concerns Andrew Burger
Court case for fighting and also as witnesses - 1731 to 1735 Concerns Andrew Burgar, Clause Burgar, George Burgar, John Burgar, Robert Burger.
Various appearances before Kirk court George Burgess, aged 76, as witness 1756 .

Thomas Fea accused of Blasphemy 1767

Margaret Burgar accused of Blasphemy 1766

Sale of the Quendale Estate - 1767 Witnesses include:  George Burgar in Clumlie, George Burgar in Break, George Burgar in Gord, John Burgar in Hillwell, Andrew Burgar in Garth
Lerwick Sheriff Court Cases James and Adam Burgess summoned in 1846 and 1860


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