The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Summary of Burger persons present in the Thomas Gifford's rentals of 1716

The Gifford Rentals 5 of 1716 indicate that there were 6 Burger males paying taxes in Dunrossness.

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Living in Hillwell  were:

John Burger,  Laurance Burger, Robert Burger and John Burger Jnr, the son of Robert Burger, in agreement with the Bruce Muniments on 1712-1717.

These Burgers are the same persons as those appearing in the Baillie Court of Dunrossness in 1694 and 1700. 

Living in Clumlie was George Burger (born in 1680); evidence suggests that he is a son of George Burger (born about 1630).

Living at Exnaboe was Malcolm Burger.  This is the only reference to Malcolm Burgar so it is unclear who his parents were.


They are shown on the family tree with their parents George Burger and Jean Williamson.

See Family tree derived from documents that existed up to 1720.

In this period the people living in Hillwell included:  Bairnson, Brown, Burgar,  McPheirson, Leask, Williamson, Spence, Johnson, Young, Halcrow, Ollason, Mouat, Smith, Garrison, Manson.

About half the residents of Hillwell have surnames ending in 'son'.  This may suggest that up to 50% of the population of this particular area were of Norse origin.



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