The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Third Generation

Robert Burgher (born 1781- ?) son of John Burgher (born about 1750) son of  Unknown Burgar

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Robert Burgar was born on 27 April 1781.14,26  

He appears in the 1841 Census with his wife and children.

See 1841 Census returns

He does not appear in the 1851 Census and his wife at that time was listed as a widow, so it is presumed that he had died prior to 1851.

However, on the Death Certificate of his wife (Jane Marshall) in 1855 it states that she is married, and the husband was the informant.  The name of the husband is not stated.  It is possible that the information was incorrect or maybe she had remarried, so that she would be correctly registered as being married, and the Informant would be her second husband.  Further investigation is needed on this subject.

Robert Burgar and Jean (Jane)  Marshall were married in 1810. The Dunrossness Marriage Register 7.   has the entry:

John Burger of Hillwal was married to Jean Mershel in Hardbreaks both in our Parish 4/1/1810.

There is no date with this marriage, but it is assumed to be on the 4th January 1810, the same date as the previous marriage.

 Jane (Jean) Marshall, daughter of Laurence Marshall and Jean Fea, was born in 1782.14,15,28  She died on 18 May 1855 at the age of 73 in Dunrossness.28,29

The Death Certificate transcription 28 is summarized as follows:

Jane Marshall, aged 73, died on 28/5/1855, in Dunrossness. She was the wife of Robert Burgess and the daughter of Laurence Marshall and Jane Fea. The informant at the death was 'Husband'. She is stated to be married at the time of death.

There is a discrepancy in the above in that in the 1851 census she is described as a Widow.

She is seen with husband in the 1841 Census and with her son, John, in the 1851 Census.

See 1841 and  1851 Censuses

Robert Burgar and Jane (Jean) Marshall had the following children:



Jane Burgher was born on 29 January 1811 in Hillwell Dunrossness, .7,14,22  and was baptized on 17 November 1811 .7,22    She died before 1851 at the age of 40.26


Margaret Burgess - Details will be added in due course


John Burgher - Details will be added in due course


Laurence Burgher was born on 16 November 1819 in Hillwell Dunrossness, .7,14,22 and was baptized on 28 November 1819.7,22   He was in Fisherman 1841 and later a Policeman in Liverpool.14,26


Robert Burgar - Details will be added in due course


Grizel (Grace) Burgher - Details will be added in due course


James Burger

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