The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Second Generation

John Burgher (born about 1750) son of  Unknown Burgar

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John Burgher was born about 1750 in Dunrossness.46    He is the earliest known ancestor of Jack & Robbie Burgess.  Follow the links of this colour to reach Jack and Robbie Burgess.

John Burgar and Margaret Halcrew were married before 1776.46

John Burgar and Margaret Halcrew had the following children:

  Robert Burgar was born on 14th  April 1776.26
  Catharine Burgar was born 14th September 1776 and baptised on 15th September 1776.7
  Ursula Burgar married Robert Burgar (son of Robert Burgher and Helen Brown)  in 1801 7  She died 1863 25,
  Margaret Burgar was born on 27 April 1781 in Hillwell Dunrossness, 7,26  and was baptized in May 1781 in Dunrossness. She was living in Hillwell when she married Robert Burgar (son of John Burgher and Margaret Bairnson) in 1803. 7
  Robert Burgar    (Ancestor of Jack & Robbie Burgess)
  Marion Burgar

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