The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Fourth Generation

James Burgar (1801 - 1872) - son of David Burgher (1754 - ?) - son of Robert Burgar (about 1720 - ?) - son of unknown Burgar

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James Burgar was born on 5 November 1801 in Gord Dunrossness,7,14,15,24,27  and died on 8 June 1872 at the age of 70 in Upswell Quarff.24,27,28,29

He appears in the 1841 to 1871 censuses14,16, 17,18  where he is a fisherman and crofter.

See 1841 to 1871 Census returns

James appears in several Lerwick Sheriff Court 37 cases in 1846 and 1860, but the full details have not yet been determined.

See Summary of these cases.

Jame's son Adam Burgess was also summoned for the same offence in 1860.

James Burgar and Ann Tough were married on 8 November 1825 .7,23,27   The Dunrossness Marriage Register 7 states:

James Burgar in Refuge and Ann Tough in same place were married on 8/11/1825

Ann Tough, daughter of Alexander Tough and Agnes Manson, was born in 1804 in Lerwick, 14,15,29  and died on 16 May 1867 at the age of 63 in Upswell Quarf Shetland.27,29

James Burgar and Ann Tough had the following children:



Elizabeth Burgar  - Details will be added in due course


Adam Burgar


Alexander Burgar was born on 5 September 1828 in Refuge Dunrossness.7,14,22,27,33 He was baptized on 15 September 1828 in Dunrossness.7,22   He eventually moved to the USA.

Seamens Tickets state born 29/8/1828 at Quendal  - Details will be added in due course



James Burgar was born on 25 December 1831 in Quarff.14,27,33  but moved to the USA.

Seaman Tickets in BT133? in 1853-56, states he was born 25/12/1831 and was sailing N. Shields.



David Burgess was born on 10 May 1834 in Bressay, 14,22,27  and was baptized on 24 June 1834 in Bressay.22


Ann Jane Burgess - Details will be added in due course


Mary Merilees Burgess - Details will be added in due course

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