The Burgar/Burgess families in Shetland

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Second Generation

Robert Burgar (about 1720 - ?) - son of unknown Burgar

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Robert Burgher was born about 1720.27

He appeared in the Communicants List of 1749 next to Mary Fea living in Cour Dunrossness.6  We have deduced from this that they are married and the Baptism Registers (starting in 1753) confirm this. It is thus likely that they will have older children than those recorded in the Baptism Registers.  It has been stated that they had a son John Burgher who married Margaret Bairnson, but I have no proof that this is true. 27   A John Burgher did marry Margaret Bairnson, but whether this John was the son of Rober Burgher and Mary Fea would be difficult to prove.

Someone has also claimed that Robert's father was David.  I believe that this was deduced because the first recorded son was David, although it is likely that there would have been earlier children.   However, there were no recorded David Burgar in the Gifford Rentals 5 of 1716, therefore I am assuming that this is a wild guess, and is incorrect.

Robert Burgher and Mary Fea were married before 1749.6

Robert Burgher and Mary Fea had the following children:



John Burgar (reputed to be a son, born before 1753, but no proof of this) - Details will be added in due course


Earlier Children Burgar maybe born pre 1753.


David Burgar


Robert Burgar was born on 13 December 1756 in Brake Dunrossness, 7,22,27  and was baptized on 19 December 1756 .7,22  - Details will be added in due course


Charles Burgar - Details will be added in due course


Margaret Burgar - Details will be added in due course


Katherine Burgher was born on 28 December 1764 in Brake Dunrossness.7,22,27 She was baptized on 30 December 1764 in Dunrossness.7,22


Ann Burgher  - Details will be added in due course

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