Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fourth Generation

Robert Edmond Burgar (1844- 1893) - son of Robert James Burgar (1810-1884) - son of Robert Burgar (1776-1848) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Robert Edmond Burgar was born in 1844 in White Lion St Chelsea.43 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1844 V 3 p 57 - Chelsea, London16

He was baptized on 4 Feb 1844 in Holy Trinity, Sloane St, Chelsea, London.43 The following is a summary of the entry in the Baptism Register:

Robert Edmond, son of Robert James and Jenata Burgar, Shoemaker of 2 White Lion Street, was baptised on the 4th February 1844 at Holy Trinity, Chelsea.

He died in 1893 at Fulham London.16  Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1893 V 1a p 213. Aged 48. - Fulham London.16

He is seen living with his parents in the 1851 to 1871 Censuses.

See 1851 to 1871 Census.

In the 1861 Census, he was living with his parents at 18 Little Europa Place . At this time the property was owned by his father, Robert James Burgar.  Robert Edmond Burgar became the owner of this property from about 1867 onwards.

By 1871 Edward Burgar was the owner of both 18 and 19 Little Europa Place. In the Poll books for Battersea 156, he was said to be living at number 19, while his father was living at 18 Little Europa Place as the tenant.

However in the 1871 census shows he is living at No 18 with his mother and siblings.

See 1871 Census.

His father was living in lodgings across the river in Chelsea.

Robert Edmond was known to Alfred Burgar's family as the “Mad Milkman” and was regarded as some form of a cousin.

                                                John 1742 -1797                         Robert 1754-1820

                                                Joseph 1794-1854                     Robert 1776-1849

                                                Alfred 1839-1917                        Robert James 1810-1884

                                                Alfred  W 1863-1943                  Robert Edmon 1844-1893

If this were so, then it would suggest that John (1742-1797) and Robert (1754-1820) might have been brothers or cousins.

After his Mother's death in 1874, Robert Edmon Burgar married, in fact he married twice. Firstly he married Emma Augusta Toby in Chelsea in 1878 when he was 34 and she was 50 years old.  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1878 V 1A p 111 - Kensington, London.16

Emma Augusta Toby was born in 1829 in Sidbury, Devon.3,12,13

In 1871 Census she was a servant to Caroline Chichester (aged 70). Caroline Chichester died in early 1876.12

See 1871 Census for Emma

Three years later Robert Edmond married her when he was 34 and she was 50. Was she left money by Caroline Chichester after her death in 1876?. Since she was well past normal marriageable age, this would be a plausibe reason for Robert to marry her.  The Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1878, V 1a, p 111 - Kensington, London.16

However, in the 1881 census the story of ages is different.

See 1881 Census

Both husband and wife have given false ages. Robert's age is given as 43 when he was actually 37 and Emma was really 53 years old not the 42 years given in the Census. It seems that he pretended to be older when they married and she pretended to be younger so that they were apparently of the same age.

Emma died in 1885 at Chelsea, London.16  Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1885 V 1a p 241. Aged 57. - Chelsea, London.16   Her Death Certificate states:  

On the 20th March 1885 at 6 Blackland Terrace Emma Augusta Burgar, female aged 57 years, wife of Robert Edmon Burgar, A Cowkeeper, died of Chronic Bronchitis for 3 months and congestion of the lungs for 36 hours. Present at the death R.E. Burgar Widower of 6 Lacland Terrace, Chelsea.

Soon after Emma's death, Robert E. Burgar is present in the 1887 Kelly's Trade Directory.

Robert E. Burgar, Cowkeeper, 6 BLackLand Terrace.

A cow-keeper was often someone who kept a couple of cows in the backyard and milked them to supply milk to the neighbourhood.

Robert Edmond then turned his attention to a much younger lady.

Mary Ann Seaman was born in 1867.93

Robert Edmond married Mary Ann Seaman four years after the death of Emma, After marrying someone 16 years older than himself he now married someone 23 years younger.  Robert Edmond and Mary Ann Seaman had a daughter Mary Ann before the end of March 1888, about a month after the marriage. Maybe the child was his and he was forced into marriage or he married her for some other purpose.

Robert Edmond Burgar and Mary Ann Seaman were married on 1 Feb 1888 in St Lukes, Chelsea, London.16,93  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1888 V 1A p 480 - Chelsea, London.16  The register details are

Robert Edmon Burgar , widower aged 40, Cowkeeper of 6 Lacklands Terrace and Mary Ann Seaman Spinster aged 21 of 397 Kings Road were married on 1st February 1888 at St Lukes, Chelsea. Both signed the register. Robert Edmon's father was given as Robert James Burgar, Dealer, deceased and her father as Robert Seaman, Fishmonger. The witnesses were Robert Abbey and Susanna Abbey ( the surname is not very clearly written ).

They appear in the 1891 Census.

See the 1891 Census

At the time of this census Robert was 47 years old. Someone told the Census officer that he was “about 30”. If it was his wife she must have been very gullible.

Robert Edmond died 2 years later in 1893. His age is correctly entered as 48 years on his Death certificate. In a summary of his Will it states :

Robert Edmon Burgar of 72 Parsons Green Lane, London, Dairyman, died on the 10th January 1893. To Mary Ann Burgar, Widow, all effects £250-10-8d

So Mary Ann ended up as a relatively wealthy young widow, who re-married in the following year. We believe that her new husband was George Thompson.  Civil Registration of her second marriage reference is Dec 1894 V 1D p 33 - St Saviour, Southwark, London.16  

Her youngest daughter, Janetta, does not appear in any records as a Burgar so it is likely that she adopted her step-father's surname.

Her other daughter Mary Ann married in 1910.

Robert Edmond Burgar and Mary Ann Seaman had the following children:



Mary Ann Burgar.



Janetta Burgar was born in 1890 in Chelsea, London.14

The Baptism Register of St John Chelsea, states:

Jeannetta, daughter of Robert Edmund and Mary Ann Burgar, Dairyman, of 6 Lackland Terrace, Chelsea, was born 4/1/2/1890 and was baptised 27/4/1890.

Nothing else is known about her.

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