Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Second Generation

 Robert Burgar (1776-1849) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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See Tree showing descendants of Robert and Mary Ann Burgar.

Robert Burgar was born in 1776 in City of London.9,17

He died in 1849 at Strand London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1849 V 1 p 310. - Strand London.16,17 His Death certificate states:

Robert Burgar, Male aged 73 years, Shoemaker of 4 Market Street , St Anne's Westminster, died of Bronchitis on the 13th may 1849. The mark, X, of Ann Barnett present at the death of 4 Market Street.

The various sources of information show that he was a Shoemaker from before 1805 to his death in 1849 .9

Robert Burgar appears in the Holdens Trade Directory for 1805/7

Robert Burgar, Boot & Shoemaker, 37 Upper John Street, Fitzroy Square.

From 1807 -1808 he was living at Charles St, St Martin in the Fields.

It must have been around this time that Robert married Mary Ann ?, since they had a son Robert James Burgar, christened in 1810 . We do not know Mary Ann's surname.

Robert appears paying rates in the Poor Rates Assessment books for St Clement Danes from 1809 to the middle of 1817.

Robert Burgar, Harford Place, off Drury Lane, £24.00 rent.

This is near Nags Head Court and Bennetts Court and is just above the Strand.

Robert's wife, Mary Ann, died in 1830 at West Street, Soho (se below).

After this Robert seems to have been living alone. In the 1841 Census he is listed as a Shoemaker journeyman, probably meaning that he was employed by the day.  

See 1841 Census.

Considering Robert's age in 1841 (67 years) he may have been reduced to taking part time jobs where and when he could get them. The Census states that he was born in the County i.e in London.

Robert died in 1849 at the age of 73. The two ages for Robert, 67 in the 1841 Census and 73 on his death certificate in 1849 agree reasonably well. One puts his birth at about 1774-1775 and the other at about 1775-1776. Since his assumed parents were married in April 1774, a date of about 1775 would be about right.

Robert Burgar and Mary Ann ? were married about 1809.5

See Tree showing descendants of Robert and Mary Ann Burgar.

Mary Ann ? was born in 1781.4,48

She died in 1830 at West St, St Anns Soho.48 She was buried on 30 Jul 1830 in St Anns Soho.48 The following is a summary of the entry in the Burial Register:

Mary Ann Burgar, aged 49 years, of West Street, was buried on the 30th July 1830 at St Anne's, Soho.

Mary Ann was 49 when she died in 1830, indicating that she was born around1781. She would thus have been in her 20s when she married Robert Burgar in about 1809.

Robert Burgar and Mary Ann ? had the following children:


Robert James Burgar.
ii Mary Burgar - is this an earlier daughter of this couple?  The Burial Register of the Gibraltar Road burial ground 163  in Bethnal Green has the entry:

Mary Burgar, aged 3 months, was buried on the 30th June 1812.  She was from St Mathews Parish, Bethnal Green.

iiiBenjamin John Burgar was born in 1817 and baptised at Christchurch, Spitalfields.41   The Baptism Register has the entry:

Benjamin John Burgar, the son of Robert and Mary Burgar, Shoemaker of Nine Court, was baptised on 21/8/1817.

That this child was named Benjamin John suggests that he was a brother of Benjamin and John Burgar.  Benjamin and John were brothers but there is no positive proof that Robert is also a sibling.  However, the above and the fact that the family seem to be shoemakers, together with the rare surname is reasonable evidence that the relationship exists.


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