Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fifth Generation

Horace Burgar (1897 - 1979) - son of Katherine Martha Burgar (1873-1928) - daughter of Edwin Burgar (1827-1871) - son of Walter Burgar (dates unknown) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Horace Burgar was born on the 24th November 1896 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.16  Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1897 V 9c p 483 - Sheffield, Yorkshire16

An item on the internet states that he was born at The Women's Hospital in Gell Street, Sheffield. This may have been renamed to the Jessops Hospital for Women at a later date.

Horace was illegitimate. The Baptism Register of  St Mary, Sheffield,20  has the following:

Horace Burgar was baptised on 3rd January 1897 at St Mary's Sheffield. Father was Simon Lipkie Burgar and the mother was Kate.

It would seem that Kate gave the impression that Simon Lipkie was her husband, and gave him the surname Burgar to agree with her surname.

There are various Census returns (1851 to 1911) for the Lipkie family.

See Census Returns for the Lipkie family.

Jacob and Sarah Lipkie probably came to the UK in about 1852.  Their eldest son was born in Poland and the next one in Manchester.  There is one entry (Rebecca Lipkie in the 1891 Census in a workhouse/asylum) that states that they were Jewish. 

A further indication that the family were Jewish is that Hannah LIPKIE married Meyer COHEN in Manchester at the Great Synagogue Manchester in 1874.  I have not checked any further records.

Thus the family belief that Horace Burgar's father was Jewish seems to be correct.

Looking at the GRO records for the Lipkie family for births, marriages and deaths, the most recent entries seem to be for deaths in the 1940s.  There were no births recorded after 1900.  There are several Wills recorded on, one of which is under the surnames 'Lipkie or  Lister'.  It is thus possible that the family changed their name to a more anglicised form.

If the family changed their surname, it is possible that their may be living descendants from the male line.  There is also possible that their are living descendants through the female line.

Horace died in 1979 at Sheffield, Yorkshire.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1979 V ? p ? Aged 82. - Sheffield, Yorkshire.16

Horace was born while his mother was a domestic servant in Sheffield. Consequently, he was living with his Aunt, Jane (Burgar) Grant, in the 1901 Census.  Horace has told me that he was the best dressed kid in the neighbourhood. This was because money was provided for his upkeep by his paternal family.  However when he was 14 years old the money stopped as he was able to go to work.157  

See 1901 Census for Horace

In 1915 Horace joined the Royal Navy.  At the time of enlistment he was an engineer.

See Naval Record 298  

See photo of Horace Burgar

Horace Burgar and Susannah Louise Garner were married in 1923 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.16  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1923 V 9c p 1043 - Sheffield, Yorkshire.16

Susannah Louise Garner was born on 1 Dec 1900.7
She died in 1997 at Whitby, Yorkshire.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is 1997, May, Dist 6601, Reg No 25, Ent 138, Dor 597. Birth 1/12/1899. - Whitby, Yorkshire.16

Horace Burgar and Susannah Louise Garner had the following children:



Horace Edward Burgar



Robert Walpole Burgar.

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