Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fifth Generation

 Frank Burgar (1893-1960) - son of Frank Burgar (1868-1919) - son of Edwin Burgar (1827-1871) - son of Walter Burgar (dates unknown) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Frank Burgar was born in 1893 in Ecceshall B Sheffield Yorks.15,16,22,92 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1893 V 9c p 449 - Ecceshall B Sheffield Yorks16

He died in 1960 at Bristol, Conneticut, USA.22 He was buried on 29 Feb 1960 in Bristol, Conneticut, USA.18

In the 1901 Census, he was living at 26 Humble Road Eccesall Bierlow.15

See 1901 Census

He left England in 1906 with his father and was later joined by the rest of the family.

Frank Burgar and Blanch Viola Rusgrove were married on 16 Apr 1915 in Bristol, Conneticut, USA.18,22

Blanch Viola Rusgrove was born on 21 Apr 1893 in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA.18,22

She died in Aug 1960 and  was buried on 27 Aug 1960 in Bristol, Conneticut, USA.18

Frank Burgar and Blanch Viola Rusgrove had the following children:




Blanche Violet Burgar.



Frank Edward Burgar was born in 1918.18
He died about 1920 at Bristol, Conneticut, USA.18



Norma Shearer Burgar.



Florence Jennette Burgar.



James Frank Burgar.



Grace Emily Burgar.



Elenor Rose Burgar.

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