Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Second Generation

Elizabeth Burgar (1785-pre 1835) - assumed daughter of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Elizabeth Burgar was born about 1785.7 

She died before 1835.78  This is assumed from the Will of Benjamin Burgar (in about 1835). He states that Elizabeth Chinn (the daughter of Samuel Page Chinn and Elizabeth (Burgar) Chinn) was now living with John Burgar and family. This suggests that the parents may have died pre 1835. This is somewhat confirmed by the fact that neither parent was found in the later 1841 Census Returns, nor in the Civil registration of deaths starting in 1837.

Elizabeth Burgar and Samuel Page Chinn were married on 24 Sep 1809 in St James Clerkenwell.64
The church register has:

Elizabeth Burgar married Samuel Page Chinn , both of this Parish on the 24th September 1809 at St James Clerkenwell . Samuel signed and Elizabeth made her mark. The witnesses were Elizabeth Harper and Mary Williams.

Their daughter, Elizabeth Chinn, was later to inherit from Benjamin Burgar, where she is classed as his niece, proving that Benjamin Burgar and Elizabeth Burgar are brother and sister.

Samuel Page Chinn was born in about 1780.

He probably died before 1836 (see note above).78

In 1810 he was a Currier 1810 & 1813.69

When his children were christened, Samuel is described as a currier, producing leather. Originally, he seems to have been based in Shoreditch, where we first see John and Robert Burgar in the late 1700s.

Elizabeth Burgar and Samuel Page Chinn had the following children:



Samuel Page Chinn.



Elizabeth Chinn was born on 3 Sep 1813 in Golden Lane Old Street.84 She was baptized on 3 Oct 1813 in St Lukes, Old Street, London.84 The following is a summary of the entry in the Baptism Register:

Elizabeth Chinn, born 3rd September 1813, daughter of Samuel Page Chinn, Currier, and Elizabeth of Golden Lane was baptised on 3rd October 1813 at St Luke Old Street.

In 1835 Elizabeth Chinn was left £100 in her Uncle Benjamin Burgar's Will, where she is classed as his niece. It states that she was living with her uncle, John Burgar. This proves that Benjamin Burgar, Elizabeth (Burgar) Chinn and John Burgar are brothers and sister.

Later, in 1838, she was a witness at the marriage of her cousin, Mary Burgar, to John Drew.

Later an Elizabeth Chinn gets married in 1840 in the Kingston district of south-west London. We are not sure if this is our Elizabeth Chinn.



Nathaniel Chinn was born on 12 Dec 1815 in St Lukes, Old Street, London.20 He was baptized on 21 Jan 1816 in St Lukes, Old Street, London.20

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