Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fifth Generation

Edith Riggott (1889-) - daughter of Andrew Edwin Burgar (1857-1898) - Edwin Burgar (1827-1871) - son of Walter Burgar (dates unknown) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Edith Riggot
was born in 1889 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.15,16    Civil Registration of Births reference is Sep 1889 V 9c p 536 (Registered as Edith Riggot) - Sheffield, Yorkshire16

She appears in the 1901 Census with her mother and siblings.

See 1901 Census

She married James Roe in 1909 in Rotherham.  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Dec 1909 V 9c p 1307 - Rotherham, Yorkshire.16

When Edith married she married with the Burgar surname. This is strange since she may not have been Andrew Burgar's daughter.   However she would have been known as Edith Burgar from a young age, and might not have been told any details by her mother.

When her mother, Alice Ada, married Joseph Palmer in 1901, her mother was married under the name Alice Ada Riggott. This suggests that she was not actually married to Andrew Burgar, but since he was the father of some of her children she had used his name in the 1901 Census.  She also registered her last son Albert Redvers Buller Burgar, even though he was born well over a year after Andrew Burgar's death.  Since she was using the surname Burgar, she would have had no option but to use the Burgar surname for her son.


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