Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fifth Generation

Albert Redvers Buller Burgar (1900-1980) - son of Andrew Edwin Burgar (1857-1898) - Edwin Burgar (1827-1871) - son of Walter Burgar (dates unknown) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Albert Redvers Buller Burgar was born in 1900 in Doncaster Yorks.15,16
Civil Registration of Births reference is Dec 1900 V 9c p 846 - Doncaster Yorks16

He appears in the 1901 Census with his mother and siblings.

See 1901 Census

Albert was named after General Sir Redvers Buller, VC, who was in charge of the Boer War.   In 1900 he was regarded as a hero.  A quote from a 17 year old trooper gives an idea as to why officers and men, in this –and every other war in which he was involved –had such a tremendous love of him:

Tough and brusque he was, but his troopers discovered that he was both accessible and sympathetic. If we were lying in the rain, so was Buller. If we were hungry, so was he. All of the hardships he shared equally with his men. Never did Buller, as commander, have a patrol tent to sleep under whilst his men were in the open. He was the idol of us all.

This is reinforced by the words of a 2nd lieutenant:

It would be impossible to exaggerate what he accomplished with ‘Buller’s Horse’, a curious conglomeration of humanity –of varied nationalities, of every class of society, not excluding the criminal! But by his marvellous personality that unstable volatile body consolidated itself into an effective and dependable force which… (lost all) efficiency if the leader was removed…..I shall never forget how we all looked up to and admired him.

Despite the regard of his troops, after the war, Redvers Buller was the scapegoat for the inept performance of the British Troops in the Boer War.

Albert was too young to take an active part in the First World War, but joined up in 1819 when he was 19 years old.  Due to poor eye-sight he was discharged with less than a years service. 111

Prior to enlisting he was a miner, like his two elder brothers, who had served in the War.

See personal details and details of his Army career.

He died in 1980 at Rotherham, Yorkshire.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Sep 1980 V ? p ? . Aged 79. - Rotherham, Yorkshire.16

Albert Redvers Burgar and Viola A Lind were married in 1922 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.16 Civil Registration of marriage reference is Jun 1922 V 9c p 1395 - Rotherham, Yorkshire.16

Viola A Lind died in 1964 at Rotherham, Yorkshire.16
Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1964 V 2c p 737. Aged 62. - Rotherham, Yorkshire.16

Albert Redvers Burgar and Viola A Lind had the following children:



Eva Burgar.



Joyce Burgar.

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