Descendants of Robert  Burgar (1754-1820)

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Fifth Generation

Minnie Wright (1879-1953) - reputed daughter of Andrew Edwin Burgar (1857-1898) - Edwin Burgar (1827-1871) - son of Walter Burgar (dates unknown) - assumed son of Robert Burgar (1754-1820)

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Minnie (Burgar) Wright was reputed to be the daughter of Andrew Edwin Burgar and Georgina Wright. 137  However, the evidence suggests that this was not the case.  

Civil Registration of Births reference is 1879,Dec, V 9c, p 38, Sheffield - Sheffield.137   The Birth Certificate states:

Minnie Wright born 11th November 1879 at 21, Corporation Street Sheffield. Mother was Georgina Wright who registered the baby on the 15th December 1879. She signed with an X. No father was entered on the Certificate. Registration District of Sheffield: sub-district was North Sheffield.

Civil Registration of marriage reference is 1903 Mar, Vol 9c, p 631, Sheffield - Sheffield.16 137 On the marriage Certificate:

Minnie Wright, aged 23, Spinster, of 311, St Phillips Road Sheffield, married Albert Rodgerson, aged 22, fireman, of 31 Smithfields on 1/1/1903 at St Phillips, Sheffield.
Both signed the register.
Minnie's father was not given. His father was Charles Rodgerson, Case-taker?

Witnesses were Thomas Wright (possibly Grandfather or Uncle) and Lydia Walker, both of whom signed (Lydia Walker was the daughter of the Shop keeper where Minnie was working in 1901.)

Her Birth Certificate and her Marriage Certificates do not give the name of the father.

Thus it is unclear that she was really the daughter of Andrew Burgar, although the family is strongly of the opinion that she was. That she entered no father on her Marriage Certificate maybe suggests that she was not the daughter of Andrew Burgar.  However, Andrew had children with his second partner, Alice Edith Riggott, but they were probably never married.  Perhaps he liked to get to know his partners before committing himself to marriage!

Minnie died on 7 Nov 1953 at Shiregreen Cemetery137  aged 89 at Valentine Crescent, Shiregreen, Sheffield.

Minnie appears in the 1881 and 1891 Censuses living with her Wright Grandparents, and in the 1901 Census  with a shop keeper nearby.

See Census Returns

It is seen that she is living with her unmarried mother, but It seems that she did not lived with Georgina and Andrew Burgar, or with Georgina when she was later married to John Henry Gregory.

Minnie and Albert Rogerson had nine children137 .  Linda Barber, grand-daughter of this couple supplied much of the information.137


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