Descendants of Thomas Wetherell (1745 - ?)

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Fourth Generation

Mary Ann Wetherilt (1840-1925) - daughter of Richard Wetherilt (1812-1857) - son of Charles Wetherilt (1784 - ) - son of Thomas Wetherell(?-?)

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Mary Ann Wetherilt is a direct ancestors of Bill Burgar, the author of this work.

Mary Ann Wetherilt was born on 25/1/1940 and  was baptized on 12 December 1849 at St Peters, Walworth, London.87 The Baptism Register for St Peters, Newington states:

Mary daughter of Richard and Esther Wetherilt, shoemaker of Nelson Place, was born on 25/1/1940 and baptised on the 12/12/1849.

Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1840 V 4 p 334 - Newington Walworth London16

She died in 1925 at Wandsworth London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1925 V 1d p 566. Aged 85. - Wandsworth London.16

She appears in the 1841 and 1851 census with her parents.

See 1841 and 1851 Census

It seems that Mary Ann Wetherilt had an illegitimate child, George, in 1860.  The father is not known.

See the 1861 Census for Mary Ann Wetherilt

Later that year Mary Ann married Alfred Burgar.   Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1861 V 1D p 304 - Newington Walworth London.16 The following is a summary of the Civil Marriage certificate:

On 8th September 1861, Alfred Burgar, aged 22, Bachelor and Fishmonger, of 9 Burton Street married Mary Ann Wetherilt, aged 21, Spinster of 4 Walworth Villas at St Peters Church, Walworth in the Parish of St Mary, Newington, Surrey. Alfred's father was Joseph Burgar Deceased, Shoemaker and Mary Ann's father was Richard Wetherilt Deceased, Baker. Both signed their names and the witnesses were John Francis Coe and Ann Payn.

John Francis Coe was the brother-in-law of Mary Ann Wetherilt.

At the time of the marriage Mary Ann Wetherilt had a son, George, who was approaching one year old.

Sometime in the early 1900s, Mary Ann Burgar and son George are reputed to have heard that some important personage in Kent had died. They went by train there to claim an inheritance presumably on George's behalf. Apparently they were given short shift and came away with nothing. This suggests that Mary Ann might have been in service in Kent when she became pregnant.

See Alfred Burgar's page for details of their children and his ancestors

Stories obtained from older members of the family tell us something about Mary.

Mary ran a laundry and all the daughters and daughters-in-law were expected to work like slaves to keep it going. Apparently she was a bit of an ogre and very strict. 154

As Granny Burgar had  had a dozen children she used to act as midwife to the other mothers in the local area ( any medical help had to be paid for in those days).  One day one of the mothers who already had a large family came to Granny in distress, she was pregnant again and couldn't face having another baby so she had swallowed some Lysol (a drain cleaner).  Granny did what she could but unfortunately the mother

Mary Ann was very close to her sister, Jane Wetherilt, and her brother, George Wetherilt. Both  Mary Ann and her sister Jane (Wetherilt) Trevett had curly ginger hair, as did Jane's two daughters140  Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar was said to be plumper that her sister Jane, but Nellie Butcher (140 ) who reported this would only have known them when they were in their 70s. 
The 1901 Census shows that Mary is living away from her husband Alfred, but is with her married daughter, Eliza (Elizabeth), and with her unmarried daughter Esther.

See 1901 Census

See Photos of Mary Ann Burgar with daughters Elizabeth, Esther and son Richard.

See Photos of Mary Ann Burgar with sons John (Jack) and William and grandson Charlie

See details of husband, Alfred Burgar.

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