Descendants of Thomas Wetherell (1745 - ?)

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Fourth Generation

Jane Wetherilt (1842-1919) - daughter of Richard Wetherilt (1812-1857) - son of Charles Wetherilt (1784 - ) - son of Thomas Wetherell(?-?)

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Jane Wetherilt  was born in 1842.  Civil Registration of Births reference is 1842 Dec, Vol 4, p309, Lambeth, London - Lambeth London8,16,120    The Birth Certificate states:

Jane Wetherilt, the daughter of Richard Wetherilt, Baker, and Esther wetherilt, formely Mudford, was born on the sixtenth of November 1842 at 14 Gloucester Street, Lambeth. The informant was Esther Wetherilt, Mother, of 14 Gloucester Street, who signed with an 'X'. The birth was registered on the Thirteenth of December 1842 in the Sub-district of Waterloo Second Part in the District of Lambeth, Surrey.

She was baptized on 12 December 1849 in St Peters, Walworth, London.87 The Baptism Register for St Peters, Newington states:

Jane daughter of Richard and Esther Wetherilt, shoemaker of Nelson Place, was baptised on the 12/12/1849.

Jane Wetherilt died on 11 January 1919 at Gillingham, Dorset.17,120   The Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1919, v p Shaftesbury - Gillingham, Shaftesbury.

The death Certificate states:

Jane Trevett, aged 76 years, Widow of Alfred Trevett, a labourer, of High Street Gillingham, died on the 11th January 1919. Cause of death was 1. Old age, 2 Influenza Certified. The informant was Jane Gill, daughter, present at the death, of 1, Constance Road, East Dulwich, London. The death was registered in the Sub-district of Gillingham in the District of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

At the time of her death she was living with her daughter Mary Ann 120

It is likely that Jane died in the Spainsh Flu epidemic that occurred in 1918 to 1919.  The first wave of the epidemic occurred in February to July 1918 and was not very virulent.  The second and most virulent version of the virus was between September and December 1918.  The third and final wave was between February to April 1919, and in terms of deaths was intermediate between the first and second waves.

That Jane died in January 1919 means that it is unclear as to which wave of the epidemic caused her death.

Jane Wetherilt married John Francis Coe in 1861.  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1861, Vol 1d, p 213 - Newington London.16

She appears with him in the 1861 Census.

See 1861 Census

Jane (Wetherilt) Coe appears in the 1871 Census with her two children, but her husband John Francis Coe is absent.

See 1871 Census

John Francis Coe died on 11th June 1871120  .  Civil Registration of Death reference is: Jun 1871, v 1d, p 346, Lambeth. Aged 34.

He died in Stockwell Fever Hospital, and the cause of death was "Variola 9 days Certified Vaccinated".   Variola is the virus that causes smallpox. 120 

The Stockwell Fever Hospital and Stockwell Smallpox Hospital  were originally built by the Metropolitan Asylums board as two separate, adjacent hospitals, under the joint name of The South Western Hospital, Landor Road, SW 9.  The Stockwell Smallpox Hospital opened on 31 January 1871 to admit patients suffering from the virulent epidemic of smallpox which was then afflicting London.  However, the Stockwell Fever Hospital was also initially used to treat smallpox patients.120

The Stockwell Smallpox Hospital, Admission and Discharge Book does not record John Francis Coe as being admitted (ref. The London Metropolitan Archves LMA H15/SW/B1/1). 120

Jane and John Francis Coe had the following children:



Jane Charlotte Coe was born on 3 Nov 1861 in Camberwell, Surrey. She died in 1946.

Between November 1918 and March 1919 she lost five of her family in the Spanish 'flu epidemic - her mother, her sister, a niece and two sons-in-law..

Jane Charlotte Coe and Henry Gill were married on 30 Jan 1881 in Newington, Surrey.

See 1881 and 1901 Census

See Photo of Jane Charlotte

Jane, like her step sister Mary Ann, mother Jane and Aunt Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar had curly ginger hair 140 




John Francis Coe.

Later in 1871 Jane  marries Alfred John Trevett.  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Dec 1771, Vol 1d, p669 - Lambeth London.16

Jane Wetherilt and Alfred John Trevett had the following children:



Mary Ann (Polly) Trevett was born in 1872 in Camberwell, Surrey.120  She died in 1919 of Influenza  at Shaftsbury, Wiltshire.120.  Civil Death Registration reference is Mar 1919 v 5a, p364, aged 47. Shaftesbury.   

Mary, like her step sister Jane, mother Jane and Aunt Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar had curly ginger hair 140 

Mary Ann (Polly) Trevett and Thomas Gill (brother of Henry Gill) were married on 5 Oct 1890 in Newington, Surrey.120

Jane Trevett appears in the 1881 Census with her new husband, Alfred Trevett, and her two daughters (Jane Coe junior, having  married Henry Gill).

See 1881 Census

By 1891 Jane and Alfred Trevett are living alone.

See 1891 Census

Jane Trevett was said to be very kind to her sister Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar 140  She registered the birth and death of several of Mary Ann's children.

Both Jane and her sister Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar had curly ginger hair, as did her two daughters140  Mary Ann (Wetherilt) Burgar was said to be plumper that her sister Jane, but Nellie Butcher (140 ) who reported this would only have known them when they were in their 70s. 


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