Descendants of James Rowe (about 1770- ?)

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Fourth Generation

Agnes Amelia Rowe (1861-? ) - daughter of Samuel James Rowe (1819-1904) - son of James Rowe (1795-1872) - son of James Rowe (about 1770-?)

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Agnes Amelia "Aggie" Rowe was born in 1861 in Battersea, London.12,214 Civil Registration of Births reference is Sep 1861, Vol 1d, p 420 - in Wandsworth, London16

In the 1871 Census, she was living with her parents and was a scholar12

In the 1881 Census, she was living living away from home and was a general servant.13

See 1871 and 1881 Census returns

In 1885 she married Charles William Taylor.  The Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1885, Vol 1d, p 931 - in Wandsworth, London.16

Agnes Amelia "Aggie" Rowe and Charles William Taylor had the following children:


Ellen Taylor was born in 1886 in Battersea, London.14


Rosina Taylor was born in 1890 in Battersea, London.14


Ada Taylor was born in 1891 in Battersea, London.15

In the 1891 Census, she and her family are living in Battersea. 14

See Census returns

A few years after this, in 1896, Charles William Taylor died at the age of 35.  Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1896, Vol 1d, p 363. Aged 35 - in Wandsworth, London.16

Agnes (Rowe) Taylor then teamed up with Henry Peacock.   We have not been able to find a marriage at this stage. Lily Bond stated that she knew the Aggie Peacock was the sister of Granny Rosina Adams. 214

Agnes (Rowe) Taylor and Henry Peacock had the following children:


Emma Peacock was born in 1897 in Battersea, London.15


Henry Peacock was born in 1899 in Battersea, London.15

They appear in the 1901 Census, together with the three children by Agnes's first marriage.  These three children are recorded with the Peacock surname, having taken this from their step-father.

See 1901 Census


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