Descendants of James Rowe (about 1770- ?)

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Fourth Generation

Ellen Rosina Rowe (1856- 1935) - daughter of Samuel James Rowe (1819-1904) - son of James Rowe (1795-1872) - son of James Rowe (about 1770-?)

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Ellen Rosina Rowe (known as Rosina) is a direct ancestor of Bill Burgar, the author of this history.

She  was born on 29 February 1856 in St Mary, Newington.8 Civil Registration of Births reference is Jun 1856 V 1d p 226 - in Newington Walworth London16. Civil Registration of Birth Certificate states:

Ellen Rosina Rowe, Girl, born 29th February 1856, daughter of Samuel James Rowe, Engine Boiler Maker, and Ellen Rowe, formerly Fish, of 7 Waterloo Place Newington, Surrey.
The birth was registered in the Registration District of St Mary Newington, Sub District of St Mary Newington, Surrey, by S.J. Rowe, father, on 10th April 1856.

Rosina died on 27 March 1935 and was buried on 2 April 1935 in Morden Cemetery, Grave No 389 South.214

She was living with her parents in the 1861 and 1871 Census.

See 1861 and 1871 Census returns.

The first record we have found of Thomas and Ellen Rosina Rowe's relationship is at the baptism of their first son Thomas James (always referred to as James Adams) in 1873 (see below).  At this time Ellen Rosina was 17 years old and they were not married.   They did not marry for another 20 years, in 1893. 

The Marriage register at St Saviour, Southwark 42 states:

Thomas Adams, aged 56, Bricklayer, Widower of 116 BroadWall, Southwark, and
Ellen Rosina Rowe, aged 37, Spinster of 122 Broadwall, Southwark,
were married on the 4th December 1893. Both signed the register.

The fathers were James Andrew Adams,Bricklayer (Deceased) and Samuel Rowe, Coach Maker (deceased). Witnesses were James Meeke (official) who signed and Charles Fielder (who signed with an 'X').

It would seem that the first wife of Thomas probably died just prior to the above marriage, thus freeing him up to marry Ellen Rosina Rowe.

It seems strange that they were said to have different addresses when they married.  The 1991Census shows that two families of bricklayers were living at 122 Broadwall, and at 116 was a widow . Between the two houses was Mary Rowe, a widow dressmaker.  It is uncertain who was living at these addresses 3 years later when the marriage took place. But there is a possibility that our couple new the occupants and used their addresses for convenience and propriety. 

Young James seems to have been deposited onto Ellen Rosina's parents (Samuel James and Ellen Rowe). He appears with them as an 8 year old 'adopted son' in the 1881 Census.  Lily Bond (grand-daughter) reported that James Adams was a half brother to the other Adams children.  Strictly that was not the case, but having been brought up by the grand-parents, it might have appeared that he was not part of the family in later life.

See the 1881 Census for Samuel James Rowe

Thomas Adams was a bricklayer, and we were told that he and Rosina travelled to the north of England and Scotland looking for work.  This is confirmed to some extent by the birth of a son in Sunderland in 1879.    We have been unable to locate them in the 1881 Census, but this may be a result of them being on the move. 

They appear together in the 1891 and 1901 Census returns living in Battersea.14,15

See 1891 and 1901 Censuses

Lily Bond her, grand-daughter, lived with Granny (Rosina) Adams in the early 1920s.  Lily has written about her time with Granny Adams and the household routine that they followed. This vividly illustrates life at the beginning of the century in a poor household.

See Chapter 6 of 'The Life of Lily'

It seems that Rosina Adams was a game old bird.  When she was in her 60s she took grand-daughter Lily to Burnham Beeches on a Charabanc outing and went in for 3 legged race.

She looked after the childen of her son, Harry, after his wife died. She always wore white apron. In later life she lived at Grant Road and then Mantua Street,  near to the school prior to her death in 1935.

See Photo of Thomas Adams and Ellen Rosina (Rowe) Adams

Ellen Rosina Rowe and Thomas Adams had many children.

See the children of the marriage on husband Thomas Adams' page.

Thomas Adams was born in 1845 in Chelsea, Middlesex.8 

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