Descendants of Robrt Rous (1745 - ?)

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Second Generation

Lydia Rous (1769 - 1851) - daughter of Robert Rous (about 1725 - ?)

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Lydia Rous is a direct ancestor of Bill Burgar, author of this work. 

Lydia Rous was born and was baptized on 21 May 1769 in St Lukes, Old Street, London.84 The Parish Register of St Luke, Old Street, London has the entry:

Lydia, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Rous, Pack Shriad? Spinner, was born on 7/5/1769 and was baptised on the 21/5/1769.

Lydia Rous and Hugh Jameison were married in 1795 in St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London.277 The marriage register for St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, has the entry:

Hugh Jameson, Bachelor of this Parish and Lydia Rose, Spinster of this Parish, were married by Banns on the 17/2/1795. Both signed the register.

The Witnesses were Davis Hughes and S Bogart?, both of whom signed.

She appears in the 1841 Census as a governess.   This suggests that she probably was reasonably well educated for the times.  In 1851 she is living with her son Henry Jameison.

See Census returns.

She died in 1851 in St Pancras , London.279 The Burial Register of St Pancras, Middlesex has the entry:

Lydia Jameison, aged 81 years, of Middlesex Street, was buried on the 29/6/1851.


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