Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Fifth Generation

Charles Peacock (1836 - 1880) - son of John Peacock (1803- 1843) - son of William Peacock (1778 - 1845) - son of John Peacock (1738-?) - son of John Peacock (about 1710-1742)

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Charles Peacock was born in 1836 in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.

He appears in the 1841 Census living with his parents and in the 1851 Census living with his siblings and close to his mother.

See 1841 and 1851 Census returns.

In 1869 he married Mary Ann Turner.  The Civil Marriage registration reference is as follows: Sep 1869, v 4a, p 121: in Ongar, Essex16

He appears with his new wife and daughter in the 1871 Census in Matching.

See 1871 Census returns.

It seems that Charles died before 1881, since his wife is a widow in the 1881 Census in  Brompton on Swale, Richmond, Yorkshire.

See 1881 Census returns.

We have not been able to find Charles dying in the Essex area.  However, there is a death notice that we think refers to our Charles. The Civil Death registration reference is as follows: Mar 1880, v 9d, p 453, Richmond, Yorkshire. Aged 41.

The age is not quite correct ( he should be 44) but there are virtually no other Peacock dying in the area at this time.   Thus we feel sure that is our Charles.  What he was doing in Yorkshire is a mystery.  But it was not that uncommon for people to move long distances at this time.

Mary Ann Turner was born in 1850 in High Laver, Essex.12  She appears with her husband in the 1871 Census, but was a widow in the 1881 Census. 

See 1881 Census returns.

We have not found her in the 1891 Census so perhaps she remarried.

Charles Peacock  and Mary Ann Turner had the following child:


Elizabeth Mary Peacock was baptized  in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222 The Baptism Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex has the entry:

Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Charles & Marianne Peacock Labourer of Matching Green, was baptised 3.7.1870

She appears with her parents in 1871 Census, her widowed mother in the 1881 Census.  But in 1891 she had moved further north and appears as a servant in Barnards Castle, Durham.

See 1871 to 1891 Census returns.

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