Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Third Generation

Hannah Peacock (1776 - ?) - daughter of John Peacock (1738-?) - son of John Peacock (about 1710-1742)

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Hannah Peacock was born in 1776 in High Laver, Essex.243 She was baptized in All Saints, High Laver, Essex.243 The Baptism Register for All Saints, High Laver, Essex, has the entry:

Hannah, daughter of John and Mary Peacock, was baptised 28.4.1776

Hannah Peacock and Samuel Tompson were married in 1802 in  Magdalen Laver, Essex.244 The Marriage Register at St Mary Magdalen, Magdalen Laver, Essex has the entry:

Hannah Peacock, spinster, & Samuel Tompson, bachelor, minor of Harlow, with consent of his father 12/3/1802. ST signed , HP with X.
Witnesses Thomas Redington & Rowland Robinson both signed. ( RR witness at many weddings)

The Marriage Transcript states:

Hannah Peacock married Samuel Tompson minor by Licence with consent of his father 12/3/1802

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