Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Fifth Generation

James Peacock (1841 - 1904) - son of William Peacock (1799 - 1845) - son of William Peacock (1778 - 1845) - son of John Peacock (1738-?) - son of John Peacock (about 1710-1742)

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James Peacock was born in 1841 in Sheering, Essex.9,10  and lived there for virtually the whole of his life.

He died in 1904.  The Civil Registration of Death reference is Sep 1904, Vol 4a, p307, Epping District. Age 62. 16

Initially he lived with his parents, and after they died he was with his sister in the 1861Census and what we think are relatives in 1871.

He married in 1880 when he was about 40 years old. This was to Elizabeth Ann Gunn who was much younger.  Civil Registration of Marriage reference is  Sep 1880, v 4a, p 217. Epping.

They appear together in the 1881 to 1901 Census returns.

See Census returns.

By 1901 James was receiving Parochial Relief,15 or was unfit for work.

Elizabeth Ann Gunn was born in 1859.13  We are not sure what happened to her after her husband's death. However, there is a Civil Death reference Peacock, Elizabeth Martha, Jun 1905, vol 4a, p193, Epping. Aged 45.

We have not found any references to an Elizabeth Martha Peacock in the area, so wonder if this is a mistake and should be Elizabeth Ann.  This needs further checking.

James Peacock and Elizabeth Ann Gunn had the following children:


William J Peacock was born in 1884 in Sheering, Essex,15  and is seen with his parents in the above Census returns.


Mabel Peacock was born in 1886 in Sheering, Essex.16 and is seen with his parents in the above Census returns.

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