Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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First Generation

John Peacock is a direct ancestor of Bill Burgar, author of this work. 

John Peacock was born about 1710, based on the year he married (1738) and the date of birth of his wife (1715). However, he could have been born before or after this and we do not know who his parents were.

There were many Peacock families in West Essex in the 1600 and 1700s.   So far we have only documented the Matching Peacock families who were the direct ancestors of Bill  Burgar . However, we have information on the other branches and these will be entered in the near future.

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John Peacock and Mary Church were married on 21 May 1738 in St Mary the Virgin, Little Hallingbury, Essex.232 The Marriage Register of St Mary the Virgin, Little Hallingbury, Essex has the entry:

John Peacock of Harlow married Mary Church by Banns on 21/5/1738

After having two sons we believe that John died in Matching, Essex.   The Burial Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222    states:

John Peacock was buried 16.6.1742

There is no age given so it is not certain that this is the above John Peacock. 

However, Mary Peacock, widow, marries John Little in 1745 (see below).

The Marriage Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex222  has entry:

Mary Peacock Widow (30) married John Little (32) by Licence on 6/671745

A summary of the Marriage licence (ref D/ALL 1745) is as follows:

John Little of the parish of Matching, Essex, aged 32, Bachelor, intends to marry Mary Peacock of Matching, aged 30 years, Widow. Licence for parish Church of Matching. Signed John Littel.

Witnesses John Little of Matching Blacksmith and John Doe. 2.7.1745

(The witness John Little was probably the father of the groom). 

This above marriage suggests that John Peacock had died prior to 1745.  At this time there were no other Peacocks in Matching so we feel certain that the Mary Peacock, Widow, was actually the widow of the above John Peacock.

Who were the parents of this John Peacock?   There is no certainty but many possibilities.

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Mary Church was born in 1715.27

John Peacock and Mary Church had the following children:


John Peacock


William Peacock was baptized in 1740 in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222 The Baptism Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex has the entry:

William, son of John & Mary Peacock was baptised 21.9.1740

He was buried on 8 March 1818 in St Nicholas, Fyfield, Essex.229 The Burial Register of St Nicholas, Fyfield, Essex has the entry:

William Peacock, aged 80, of Cannons Green, was buried 8/3/1818

We have found no record of him having children.

After John Peacock's death Mary (Church) Peacock remarried John Little in 1745. 

The children of this marriage (half brothers and sisters of the Peacock boys above) retained a very close relationship with the Peacocks for many generations.

Mary (Church) Peacock and John Little had the following children:



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