Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Fourth Generation

Jonathon Peacock (1809 - 1879) - son of William Peacock (1778 - 1845) - son of John Peacock (1738-?) - son of John Peacock (about 1710-1742)

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Jonathon Peacock was baptized in 1809 in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222 The Baptism Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex has the entry:

Jonathon, son of William & Susan Peacock, was baptised 12.2.1809

Jonathon Peacock and Eliza Wilson were married on 1 November 1840 in Matching Tye, Essex.222 The Marriage Register for St May the Virgin, Matching, Essex, has the entry:

Jonathon Peacock, Labourer, of Matching Tye, married Eliza Wilson of Matching Tye on 1.11.1840. Both signed with X.
Fathers: William Peacock & Thomas Wilson
Witnesses: Jonathon Foster ( signed ) & Charles Saville ( signed with X ).

They appear together with her parents in the 1841 Census

See 1841 Census

Jonathon is in the Census index as Sohner Han Weacock.  Actually the entry is Johnerthan  Peacock. The 'than' having been added as an afterthought.

In 1842, Jonathon appears in the records of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex.  Apparently, he is claiming that he has a right of settlement there although he was born in Matching.

See Settlement claim.

This claim gives Jonathon's life history, where he was working, how much he was paid etc.  It also suggests that he was unemployed for long periods of time and was receiving poor relief.  Hence the desire for the parish of Hatfield Broad Oak to move him on and save their rate payers the expense.

The result of the above settlement claim is unknown.

Jonathon and Eliza next appear as witnesses to the marriage of his sister, Jane, as follows:

Jane  Peacock, Full Age,  of  Matching Tye, married Joseph Rixon, shoemaker,  of Matching Tye on 8.8.1847.  Both signed.    

Fathers: William Peacock & William Rixon

Witnesses  Jonathon Peacock & Eliza Peacock ( both signed with X ).

We can not find Jonathon and Eliza in the 1851 Census, but they appear in the 1861 and 1871 Censuses, but seem to be childless.

See 1861 and 1871 Censuses

Jonathon died in 1879, aged 72 years.  The Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1879, vol 4a, p 312.  Dunmow District, Essex. 16

Eliza Wilson was born in about 1816 in Abbots Roothing, Essex.13

After Jonathon died she worked as a laundress.

See 1881 Census

Jonathon Peacock and Eliza Wilson had the following child, but there may have been others.


Sarah Wilson Peacock was born in 1849 in Dunmow District, Essex.     The Civil Registration of Birth reference is Dec 1849,  vol 12, p 85, Dunmow District, Essex.

She died less than 6 months later in 1850.  The Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1850, vol 12, page 63. Dunmow District, Essex. 16


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