Descendants of John  Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Sixth Generation

Edith Florence Peacock (1886 - 1963) - daughter of Charles Peacock (1852 - 1892) - son of John Peacock (1813 - 1896) - son of John Peacock (1766 - 1829) - son of John Peacock (1738-?) - son of John Peacock (about 1710 - 1742)

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Edith Florence Peacock is the grandmother of Bill Burgar, the author of this work.

She was born in 1886 in Chelsea, London.

The Birth Certificate 25 states:

Edith Florence Peacock, Girl, born 2nd July 1886, daughter of Charles Peacock, Brewer's Labourer, and Jane Eliza Peacock, formerly Webster, of 7 Bywater Street, Chelsea. The Birth was registered in the Registration District of Chelsea, sub-district of Chelsea North West, Middx by Charles Peacock, Father, on the 10th August 1886.

She died in 1963 in Chelsea, London.16   Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1963 V 5c p 507. Aged 76. - in Chelsea, London.16

She married in 1911.  The Civil Registration of marriage reference is Jun 1911 V 1D p 855 - in Wandsworth, London.16

Edith Florence Peacock and William Edward Burgar were married on 16 April 1911 in Christ Church, Battersea, London.25 The Marriage Register of Christchurch, Battersea, and the Civil Marriage Certificate ahev the same information, i.e.

William Ernest Burgar, aged 30, Bachelor, Labourer of 23 Afgan Road, Battersea
was married to Edith Florence Peacock, aged 25, Spinster of 64 Kambala Road, Battersea on April 16th 1911 at Christ Church, Battersea. Both WEB and EFP signed the certificate.

His father was Alfred Burgar, Fishmonger, and her father was Charles William Peacock (deceased), brewer.
The witnesses were J.H. Joyce and A.M. Burgar.

William E. Burgar seems to be unsure what the E. in his second name stood for. Different records suggest it was Edward or Edwin or Ernest.

The identity of the witness, A. M. Burgar, is unclear. None of the Burgar family have those initials. It is possibly his brother, Alfred William Burgar.

Edith Florence Peacock and William Edward Burgar had five children.

See details of their children on William Burgar's page

Unfortunately, Edith was widowed when she was in her late 30s.  She thus had to bring up 5 children by herself and had a really tough life.  There is a description of her in the memoirs of her daughter-in-law, Lily (Bond) Burgar.

See A Life of Lily - Chapter 8

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