Descendants of Thomas Mudford (about 1570 - ?)

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Eighth Generation

Hannah Mudford (1777 - 1858) - daughter of Robert Mudford (1751- ?) -  son of John Mudford (abt 1710-1753) - assumed son of John Mudford (1687-1753) -  son of Thomas Mudford (1663-1732?) - son of John Mudford (about 1630- about 1677?)  - assumed son of John Mudford (1605- ?)  - son of Thomas Mudford (about 1570 - ?)

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Hannah Mudford was baptized  in West Chinnock.145 The West Chinnock Bishops Transcripts states:

Hannah, daughter of Robert and Ann Mudford was baptised on 12th June 1778.

She died in 1858 at Stepney, London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1858, v 1c, p 393, Stepney, London.

Hannah Mudford and James Barlow were married in 1802.61 The Marriage Register of St Giles Cripplegate, London has the entry:

Hannah Mudford, Spinster, and James Barlow, Widower, were married by Banns on the 12/9/1802. Both signed with a cross.
The witnesses, Andrew Wood and E. Richardson were church officials.

James Barlow must have died pre-1841 because she appears alone in the 1841 and 1851 Census Returns living in Limehouse.

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Hannah Mudford and James Barlow had the following children:



Robert Barlow was born in 1812 in Limehouse, Middlesex.10



Lydia Barlow was born in 1814The Baptism Register for St Anne, Limehouse, London47  has the entry:

Lydia daughter of James and Hannah Barlow, Weaver of Limehouse, was born 2/3/1814 and was baptised on 4/9/1814.


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