Descendants of John  Little (1691 - 1761)

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Fourth Generation

Mary Little (1773 - 1850) - daughter of John Little (1745 - 1822) - son of John Little (1712 -  1779) - son of John Little (1691 - 1761)

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Mary Little is a direct ancestor of Bill Burgar, author of this work. 

Mary Little was born in 1773 in Matching Green, Essex222  and was baptized in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222 The Baptism Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex has the entry:

Mary, daughter of John & Sarah Little, was baptised on 18/4/1773

Mary Little and John Peacock were married on 4 November 1794 in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.222 The Marriage Register for St May the Virgin, Matching, Essex, has the entry:

John Peacock married Mary Little on 4.11.1794. Both signed X.
Witnesses: William & Hannah Little, both signed

William and Hannah Little are siblings of Mary Little. The three Little siblings and John Peacock shared a common grandmother, Mary (Church/Peacock) Little. 

See Tree of relationship of Mary Little and John Peacock. 

Their grandmother, Mary Church, firstly married John Peacock (about 1710-1742), and after being widowed, she married John Little (1712-1779).

Since John and Mary's fathers were half-brothers, John and Mary can be considered to be half-cousins (or half-first-cousins).

Normally it is considered to be unwise for genetic reasons for first cousins to marry.  Marriage between second cousins is more acceptable, but still can cause some genetic problems to the offspring. Half-first-cousins are somewhere in between first and second cousin relationships, so there is a possibility that the close relationship may lead to problems with the health of the offspring.

We have been unable to find Mary in the 1841 Census.

Mary was buried in 1850 in St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex.17,222 The Burial Register of St Mary the Virgin, Matching, Essex, has the entry:

Mary Peacock, aged 79, of Matching Green, was buried 17.11.1850

Her Death Certificate has the following information:

Mary Peacock, aged 79, widow of John Peacock, labourer died on 13/11/1850 in Matching Green.
Cause of Death: General Decay & Dysentery
Present at the death: John Peacock, of Matching Green."

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