Families Related to the Burgar family

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Families related to the Burgar family

The other families that appear to a significant extent in this history are shown below. The approximate dates and place where they lived are given.


Name Approximate Dates Place
Adams 1750-1900 Berkshire,  Chelsea &Battersea
Blanksby 1800-1900 Derbyshire, Yorkshire
Bond 1700-1960 Stanstead Mountfitchet Essex, and surrounding area, Battersea
Collins 1800-1860 Bristol
Desborough 1750-1800 London
Fish 1780-1850 Bath, London
Jameison 1740-1888 London
Little 1690-1900 Matching Essex
Mudford 1580-1850 Somerset, London
Netto 1680-1900 Italy, London
Newton 1770-1830 London
Patterson 1800-1900 South Shields, London
Peacock 1700 -1970 Matching Essex and surrounding area
Rowe 1780-1900 Exeter, London
Shelley 1780-1840 Berkshire, London
Viner 1780-1850 Bath, London
Webster 1775-after 1900 London
Wetherilt 1750-1900 London



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