Descendants of John Fish (about 1780 - 1849)

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First Generation

John Fish is a direct ancestor of Bill Burgar, the author of this work.

He was born about 1780 in Bristol or Bath?.9

In the 1841 Census, he was living at Salisbury Street in Marylebone, London. He was a Tailor.

See 1841 Census

He died pre 1851, since his wife is a widow in the 1851 Census. There is a burial record that may relate to this John Fish.

The Burial register for St Mary Lambeth has the entry:

John Fish, aged 67 from the Workhouse, was buried on 15th January 1849.

This may be our John Fish but further work is necessary to prove it.  When his daughter Caroline Fish was married in 1846 he was entered as the father, John Fish, Tailor.  When his daughter Harriet Fish was married in 1857, he is listed as John Fish, Dead.  See Marriage entries for the two girls below.

We believe that John Fish married Elizabeth Viner, but have not yet proved that this is correct.

A John Fish and Elizabeth Viner were married in  Bath, Somerset.20,219 There are two entries in the IGI each having different years, one 1804 and the other 1814 i.e.:

John Fish married Elizabeth Viner at St James, Bath, Somerset on the 3rd June 1804.

John Fish married Elizabeth Viner at St James, Bath, Somerset on the 3rd June 1814.

Since the the known children of John Fish and Elizabeth were born between 1817 and 1831 it suggests that they were married in 1814.   However, in the 1851 Census, Elizabeth Fish, who is now a widow, has living with her a daughter called Mary Fish, who was born in 1808.   This suggests that the marriage date of 1804 might be correct.  However, it is also possible that this Mary Fish, born in 1808, may be the daughter by a previous marriage of John Fish or even Elizabeth Viner.  

In this context there is a record that a John Fish married an Alice Mercer in 1801 in Walcot, Bath.  All the above really needs a lot more research before the true facts can be established with any certainty.

John Fish and Elizabeth appear together in the 1841 Census but by the 1851 Census, Elizabeth is a widow.

See Census Returns

More work is required on this couple before anything can be definitely proved.

Elizabeth Viner was born in 1788 according to the 1851 Census.10 The IGI has two baptisms for an Elizabeth Viner in Bristol, namely:

Elizabeth daughter of  John and Mary Viner was baptized on 6 April 1788 in St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucestershire.20

Elizabeth daughter of Richard and Mary Viner was baptized on 12 May 1788 in Temple, Bristol, Gloucestershire.20

We have not sorted out if either of these appertain to our Elizabeth Viner, or whether Elizabeth Viner is the wife of our John Fish.  In summary, much of this is conjecture and firm proof is needed before any conclusions can be drawn.

See family Tree showing the descendants of John Fish

John Fish and Elizabeth (Viner?) had the following children:


Mary Fish was born in 1808 in Bath, Somerset.10 In the 1851 Census, she was living with her widowed mother and was an Upholsteress10  .


Ellen Fish


Selina Fish


Emma Fish was born in 1821.9 In the 1841 Census, she was living with her parents and was a  Milliner.10 .


Caroline Fish


George Fish was born about 1825.9 In the 1841 Census he was with his parents and was an  Apprentice Surveyor9


Alice (Olive) Fish was born about 1825.9 In the 1841 Census she was living with her parents. 9


Harriette Fish


Sophia Maria Fish was born in 1832 in Bath, Somerset.10 In the 1841 and 1851 Censuses and was a Florist10

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