Descendants of Edmund Bond (about 1700- 1769)

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Sixth Generation

William Frederick (1923-2003) - son of Joseph Frederick Bond (1884 -1967) - son of James Bond (1834-1909) - son of James Bond (1781-about 1855) - son of John Bond (1734-1823) - son of Edmund Bond (about 1700-1769)

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William Fredrick Bond was born on 7 July 1923 in Battersea, London.214  Civil Registration of Births reference is 1923 Sep, Vol 1d, p 857. Mother previously Adams. - in Wandsworth, London16 

He died in 2003 in Greenwich, London.16   Civil Registration of Death reference is 2003 Sep, register No C71, Dist 229/1C, entry 167. Born 7/7/1923. Aged 80. - in Greenwich, London.16

He served in the RAF where he boxed at heavy weight level. Eventually he became a butcher. As a child, the author was amazed at his ability to catch flies, apparently a technique to improve his boxing skill.

William Fredrick Bond and Doris Healy (Stephenson) were married in May 1946 in Battersea, London.214   Civil Registration of marriage reference is 1946 Jun, vol 1d, p 579. Stephenson. - in Battersea, London.16

Doris Healy (Stephenson) was born about 1925. She died about 1981.

William Fredrick Bond and Doris Healy (Stephenson) had the following children:


Margaret Bond was born in 1949.


David Bond was born in 1950.


Susan Bond was born in 1953.


Linda Bond was born in 1954.

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