Descendants of Edmund Bond (about 1700- 1769)

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Sixth Generation

Lily Bond (1911-2001) - daughter of Joseph Frederick Bond (1884 -1967) - son of James Bond (1834-1909) - son of James Bond (1781-about 1855) - son of John Bond (1734-1823) - son of Edmund Bond (about 1700-1769)

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Lily Bond was my mother and is therefore an important person in my life. 

She was born on 5 May 1911 at Livingstone Road in Battersea, London 214  and  was baptized on 31 May 1911.40 The Baptism Register at Christchurch, Battersea, has the entry:

Lily daughter of Joseph Frederick Bond, Railway Porter, and Annie Bond of 19 Livingstone Road, was born on the 5th May 1911 and baptised on 31st May 1911.

Lil died in June 2001, soon after her 90th birthday.  Civil Registration of Death reference is 2001 Jun, Register Number B51D,District Number 5361B, Page 176. Age 90. Born 5/5/1911. - in Watford, Herts.16 

She spent much of her childhood living with Granny Adams ( Ellen Rosina Adams ). As a result she learnt much about the merits of sweeping, cleaning and washing, which seems to have been one of Granny Adams delights in life.  After being a domestic servant in many households she eventually married William (Bill) Burgar in 1935.

Lily Bond and William George Francis Burgar were married on 21 April 1935 in Battersea, London.40 The Marriage Register at Christchurch, Battersea, has the entry:

William George Francis Burgar, 23, bachelor, French Polisher, and Lily Bond, 23, Spinster, both of 40 Latchmere Grove were married on 21st April 1935.
Fathers were: William Burgar, Plumber, deceased and Joseph Frederick Bond, Railway Foreman.
Witnesses were Joseph F. Bond and J.T.H Bond.
The witnesses were the father and brother of Lily.  All persons signed beautifully.

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Soon after, they moved to Harrow where they purchased a house. This was rather revolutionary, since they had moved away from the family and in the eyes of many “put a noose round their necks” in the form of a mortgage.

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Later they moved to Hayes, Middlesex, where they owned a hardware shop. They had two boys, William (the author of this story) and Reginald Burgar.

One of her proudest possessions was a birthday card from Bill before they were married.  It was the only one she ever received, so it really was special.

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Lily Bond (my Mum) was a character, not the cleverest of persons, but having a childlike zest for life. After her husband died, she put together a story of her life.  'The Life of Lily'  is now deposited at the Battersea and Clapham archives and gives a graphic description of life in a tough working class area at the beginning of the 1900s. Life in service, street fights, pawn shops are all described.

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Lily and William seem to have had a lifelong love of each other.  After Bill's death in 1988 she wrote in her diary:

My Darling Husband

Died 10/4/1988

Cremated 25/4/1988 at Garston Crematorium

I will always love you  Dear till the day I die.  I treasure our wonderful years together. You were so kind to me , I will miss you my Bill but will treasure all our happy times together.  God bless you, you are now at peace.  All my love, Lil

William George Francis Burgar and Lily Bond had the following children:



William Francis Horace Burgar.



Reginald Joseph Burgar.

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