Descendants of Edmund Bond (about 1700- 1769)

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Sixth Generation

Joseph Thomas Henry Bond (1909-1969) - son of Joseph Frederick Bond (1884 -1967) - son of James Bond (1834-1909) - son of James Bond (1781-about 1855) - son of John Bond (1734-1823) - son of Edmund Bond (about 1700-1769)

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Joseph Thomas Henry Bond was born on 19 May 1909 in Battersea, London.214

Civil Registration of Birth reference is Jun 1909, vol 1d, p 569, Wandsworth.

He died on 31 January 1969 in Battersea, London. The Civil Registration Death Certificate 17  states:

Joseph Thomas Henry Bond, Male, 59 years, died on 31st January 1969 at 104 Kyrle Road Battersea., due to general Perionitis due to perforated duodenal ulcer. Occupation Carpenter.
Registered by R.C. Bond, Brother of 67 Ash Tree Way, Shirley, Croydon, in Registration District of Wandsworth, sub-district of Wandsworth in the London Borough of Wandsworth, on the 4th February 1969

Between 1930 and 1969 he was a Carpenter.214 

I remember the time when he helped my Dadwith some woodworking.  They had several pieces of wood on the back doorstep of our house in Harrow.  For some reason my dad was holding the wood and a nail, Joe had the hammer and it was his job to knock the nail in.  He swung the hammer as if he wanted to get the nail in with one blow, but missed the nail and hit my Dad's thumb.  The air was blue, but not as blue as dad's throbbing thumb. 

Joe also was a font of simple, cringing jokes.  "I know the brother of Joe Loss".  (Joe Loss was a famous band leader at the time).  Enquiring look from me "What was his name?".    Joe's reply "Dead Loss".  Ho!Ho!.

Joseph Thomas Henry Bond and Vera A Pullen were married in 1943 in Battersea, London.  The Civil Registration of Marriage is as follows:  Jun 1943, Vol 1d, p505, Battersea.

Vera was a widow when she married Joe.  She was born Vera Annie Ashbey in 1905.  The Birth Registration details are:  Vera Annie Ashbey, Mar 1905, vol 1d, p 551, Battesea.

Vera married Ernest A Pullen in 1935.

Vera died in 1957 215.  The Civil Registration of Death is as follows:  Vera A. Bond, Sep 1957, Vol 5c, p 81, aged 52 years.  Battersea.

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