Descendants of Edmund Bond (about 1700- 1769)

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Fourth Generation

James Bond (1834-1909) - son of James Bond (1781-about 1855) - son of John Bond (1734-1823) - son of Edmund Bond (about 1700-1769)

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James Bond is a direct ancestors of Bill Burgar, the author of this work.

James Bond was baptized in Stanstead Mountfitchet, Essex.105 The Baptism Register for Stanstead Mountfitchet states:

James son of James and Ann Bond, Labourer baptised 23/2/1834.

He died in 1909 in Battersea, London.  The Civil Registration Death Certificate 17  states:

James Richard Bond, Male, 74 years, formerly a Railway Labourer, died on 22nd November 1909 at 7 Orville Road Battersea. Of Senile Decay and acute Bronchitis and exhaustion. Registered by the mark “X” of Emma Bond, widow of the deceased, present at the death, in the Registration District of Wandsworth, sub-district of North West Battersea in the County of London, on the 23rd November 1909

Many male members of the Bond family suffered from Ataxia, a form of brain degeneration that sets in at about 60 years of age.  This disease results in the progressive loss of speech and physical co-ordination.  It is known that James Bond had to be carried up to bed in his later years, so it likely that like his sons and grandsons he suffered from this degeneration.221

Initially we were told that James was buried at Brompton Cemetery, near the gate, at the Chelsea Football ground end.  It  was said that his grave had three large balls on it, ‘to keep the bugger down’ as Joseph Frederick Bond, his son, would say.  However, the records at Brompton Cemetery do not have a James Bond being buried there at this time.  It seems  that it may have been Joseph Frederick's sense of humour getting the better of him.

It turns out that James Richard Bond was buried in Streatham, Surrey. The register for Streatham Park (Lonesome) cemetery 169 states:

James Richard Bond, aged 74 years, of 7 Orville Road, was buried on 27th November 1909 in common grave, Grave Number 1205, Square 8.  The undertaker was Henry Smith of 309 Battersea Park Road.

The word Lonesome is derived from the cemetery being on the site of a farm called Lonesome Farm. This is a private cemetery which opened in 1909 and served South London. James may have been one of the first residents so to speak. It is quite a long way from Battersea and not the obvious place for him to be buried. Most inhabitants of Battersea are buried in cemeteries that are much nearer to Battersea.

The fact that it was a common grave implies that he was poor, and was buried in a grave that was shared by many, and was not a family grave. At the present time the area of the common graves section has been laid to grass.

He appears in the 1941 Census with his parents and then in the 1851 Census with his widowed father.

See 1841 and 1851 Census Returns

In the 1851 Census he was an Ostler (as was his father) but subsequently he seems to have been a railway worker, and appears in all the records as a labourer or a platelayer.

In the 1861 Census we believe that James was living at Hole in Ravenstonedale, Northumberland as a Railway Labourer11

See 1861 Census

Sometime in the 1860s James married Elizabeth (surname unknown).   They appear together In the 1871 Census in  Lambeth, London.

See 1871 Census

Elizabeth (Surname unknown) was born in about 183512 .

We have been unable to find any further details about Elizabeth.  We do not know her surname, or when she married James Bond.   Her place of birth is uncertain.  In the 1871 Census, she is said to have been born at Lambton, Berkshire.  However, we can not find such a place in Berkshire, although it is possible that it may be the the name of an isolated house there.  However, we believe that the Lambton referred to is in County Durham.

In the 1860s Lambton consisted of a few small collieries with very few houses and open fields for miles around.  Low Lambton had many quarries and was slightly bigger and close to the river Wear and many railway lines.  In 1964 the village of Washington and the neighbouring villages, farms and industrial areas were designated as a new town.  Lambton and Low Lambton were two of the villages in the area, which had a combined population of about 20,000 in 1964.  In the 1860s when James and Elizabeth might have been there the population of the two villages would have been about 1,000 people. However, at this stage we have not been able to find a suitable wife for James Bond who was born in this area.

Elizabeth (?) Bond died in 1881. The Civil Registration of Death reference 16 is Mar 1881, Vol 1d, p 394 - in Wandsworth, London.

The Civil Registration Death Certificate 17 states:

Elizabeth Bond died 15th January 1881 at 28 Orkney St, Battersea. She was 47 years old, the wife of James Bond, Labourer. Cause of death was pneumonia, certified by M. Grigor? L.R.C.P. ? The informant was James Bond, Widower of the deceased, present at the death at 28, Orkney St, Battersea. He did not sign the register but made his mark. The death was registered on the 17th January 1881.

Later in 1881, James Bond appears in the 1881 Census as a widower at the same address as that recorded in the death of his wife Elizabeth.

See 1881 Census


Emma Patterson was the second wife of James Bond.  She was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland in 1855.8,16 

See details of Emma Patterson, her siblings and ancestors.

After Elizabeth's death, James bond quickly married for a second time to Emma Patterson in St Mary, Battersea.16,88 Civil Registration of Marriage Certificate 25 states:

James Bond, 42, Widower, Labourer of 126 Bridge Road West married Emma Patterson, 27, Spinster, of 128 Bridge Road West on the 21st August 1881 in the Parish Church at St Mary, Battersea.
Fathers were: James Bond, Labourer and William Patterson, Engine Driver.
James and Emma signed with an “X”. Signed by the witnesses H. Forsdick and E. Forsdick.

The H.  and E. Forsdick were neighbours of Emma (see 1881 Census above).

The same details appear in the Parish Register for St Mary, Battersea.

James and Emma appear in the 1891 to 1901 Census returns in Battersea with their children. 

See 1891 and 1901 Census returns.

In 1901 Emma is listed as a charwoman.  It is possible that she had to work in order to support the family, since it is likely that James Bond was incapacitated (see details of Death Certificate and notes on Ataxia above). 

See Tree showing the descendants of James Burgar

During his last 30 years of life he lived in Battersea, Surrey (now classed as London), he occupied many houses in the area but spent his latter years in Orville Road.  Unfortunately Orville Road appears on the Charles Booth maps of 1896 as being occupied by the lowest class of the population, the very poor or the criminal.

See a description of the Charles Booth's maps. 

Part of the reason for the Bond family living in such a bad area may have been due to ill health.  This would have rendered it impossible for him to have been able to work, and with a large family to support they would have been really on the poverty line.

James Bond's son, Joseph Frederick, told his son ( William Frederick 221) the following :

“Dad was a very big man, six foot six inches tall with ginger hair. He was a miner at one time and his father was Irish. He used to take part in a road race that went from Battersea High Street, over Battersea Bridge, past Albert Bridge, and then back over Chelsea Bridge to the starting point. This was done carrying a one hundred weight sack of coal on his shoulder. He always won the race.”

James Bond is unlikely to have been a miner.  His father was not Irish but a labourer and Horseman born in EssexWith respect to height, several of his grandchildren were over 6 feet tall, when the average height was about 5'6".  Thus it is possible that he was a very tall man.

On the Birth Certificates of some of his children it states that he was a plate-layer on the WLE Railway. WLE Railway is the West London Extension Railway that links railway lines south of the river Thames with those north of the Thames.

See details about this railway (to be added).

James Bond and Emma Patterson had the following children:


Emma Jane Bond


James William Bond was born on 13 August 1883 and was baptized on 7 September 1883.88 The Baptism Register of St Mary, Battersea states:

James William Bond, born 13th August 1883, son of James and Emma Bond, 1 Totteridge Road, Battersea, Plate-layer WLE Rly , was baptised on the 7th September 1883 at St Mary, Battersea.

James appears with his parents in the 1891 census and 1901 Census in Battersea, London.14,15

See Census returns.

James ( 'Jim') was the first boy. He never married and lived with his mother Emma, during her life time. He was Station Master at Battersea Station. It has been said 214 that :

“He had a reputation for drinking. In the 1920s he would drink at the pub on the corner of Latchmere Grove and then stagger up the embankment onto the railway line and then back to the Station.”


Joseph Frederick Bond


George Bond


Ellen (Nell) Bond was born in 1888 in Battersea, London.13 She was baptized in 1888 in Battersea, London.

Ellen appears with her parents in the 1891 census and 1901 Census in Battersea, London.14,15

See Census returns.



Jessie E Bond


Katie Bond was born on 27 February 1891 and was baptized on 25 March 1891.88 The Baptism Register of St Mary, Battersea states:

Katie Bond, born 27th February 1891, daughter of James and Emma Bond, 7 Orville Road, Battersea, Labourer , was baptised on the 25th March 1891 St Mary, Battersea.

She appeared in the census in 1891 in Battersea, London.14


Albert Bond was born on 5 April 1893 and was baptized on 26 May 1893 in St Mary, Battersea.88 The Baptism Register of St Mary, Battersea states:

Albert Bond, born 5th April 1893, son of James and Emma Bond, 7 Orville Road, Battersea, Plate-layer , was baptised on the 26th May 1893 St Mary, Battersea.

He died in 1893.16


Edie Bond was born on 15 December 1895 and was baptized on 3 January 1896 in St Mary, Battersea.88 The Baptism Register of St Mary, Battersea states:

Edie Bond, born 15th December 1895, daughter of James and Emma Bond, 13, Orville Road, Battersea, Labourer , was baptised on the 3rd January 1896 St Mary, Battersea.

She appears in the census in 1901 in Battersea, London.15


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