Descendants of Edmund Bond (about 1700- 1769)

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First Generation

 Edmund Bond is a direct ancestors of Bill Burgar, the author of this work.

Edmund Bond is the earliest Bond ancestor that we have found.  He was born about 17007 171  , but his place of birth is unknown. 

His descendants lived in the area around Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex from 1700 until the mid 1800s.    The branches that we are interested in then moved to London.

Edmund Bond and Frances Smith were married in 1725 in Wicken Bonhunt..210 The Marriage Register of Wicken Bonhunt, Essex has the following entry:

Edmond Bond and Frances Smith, Servants to W.Bradbury, Rector, were married on 12th October 1725

(Wicken Bonhunt was a fashionable place to be married in the early 1700s; many couples came from London and parts of Essex to be married there).

After his marriage he continued to live in Wicken Bonhunt, having his children baptised there between 1726 and 1742.

He was buried on 11 July 1769 in Wicken Bonhunt..210 The Burial Register of Wicken Bonhunt church states:

Edmund Bond, late Church Clerk, buried 11/7/1769

Thus after starting out as the servant to the Vicar he eventually became the Church Clerk. This suggests that Edmond was a relatively notable person in the Village.

Edmond Bond was able to write, but he did not appear to be very competent.   

See signature on the marriage certificate of his daughter Sarah to John Rickets on 6/6/1758.  210

In 1738 Edmond Bond appears in a document concerning the transfer of some copyhold land from Wentworth Bradbury.  

See details of Court Manor land transaction.

See Photographs of land occupied by Edmond Bond (Not yet ready).

He is also mentioned in the Will of Wentford Bradbury in 1763.  Wentworth Bradbury was the Vicar at Wicken Bonhunt and died there in 1766.

See details of Wentford Bradbury's Will.

As mentioned above, Edmond Bond's place of birth is unknown, but several areas are possible.

See suggestions for possible places of birth.

Frances Smith was born about 1700.7

We have not found her death in Arkesden or Clavering. However, there is a death in Stanstead that may be relevant. The Stanstead Mountfitchett Burial Register 105  has the entry:

??? Bond, Widow, was buried on the 24 December 1786.

It is difficult to read the first name before the Bond surname. If it is Frances (Smith) Bond then she would be up to 85 years old. It is possible that she was living with her son John Bond (1734-1823) in Stanstead. This needs more work to establish the truth.

Edmund Bond and Frances Smith had the following children:

See Tree of Children and descendants


Mary Bond was born on 29 July 1726 and was baptized on 29 July 1726 in Wicken Bonhunt, Essex..210 The Baptism Register of Wicken Bonhunt has the entry:

Mary daughter of Edmond Bond and Frances born 29/7/1726 and baptised on the 29/7/1726


Elizabeth Bond


Edmund Bond


Sarah Bond


John Bond


Thomas Bond


James Bond was born on 8 February 1736/7 in Wicken Bonhunt, Essex.210 He was baptized on 19 February 1736/7 in Wicken Bonhunt, Essex.210 The Baptism Register of Wicken Bonhunt has the entry:

James s. of Edmond Bond and Frances born 8/2/1737 Bp 19/2/1737

He was buried on 9 April 1737 in Wicken Bonhunt, Essex
210 The Burial Register of Wicken Bonhunt has the entry:

James Bond buried 9/4/1737 (1738?)


James Bond


Mercy Bond

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