Descendants of William Blanksby (about 1800 - ?)

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Second Generation

Harriet Blanksby (1834- ?) - daughter of William Blanksby (about 1800 - ?)

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Harriet Blanksby was born in 1834 in Sheffield.9  She was baptized on 19 Oct 1834 in Attercliffe Sheffield20 ,the daughter of William and Mary Blanksby.   

She appears with her father, William Blanksby, and her sisters, in the 1841 census.

See 1841 Census

In the 1851 Census she is a servant in Sheffield, as is her sister Emma.

See 1851 Census

She then married Edwin Burgar in 1853. The reference is Sep 1853, v 9c, p284, Sheffield.16  

The Marriage Certificate states:

Edwin Burgon, Widow, 25 years, Tailor, of South Street and Harriet Blanksly, 18 years, spinster, of Duke Street were married on August 1st 1853 at the Parish Church in the parish of Sheffield.

Edwin signed as Edwin Burgon and Harriet Blanksly signed with an X.

The fathers were Walter Burgon, shoemaker and William Blanksly, Collier.

The witnesses were Ann Blanksly (signed with an X) and Jesse Greenwood who signed his name.

Note that both surnames were spelt incorrectly.

Edwin and Harriet then started a family, but by 1871, she was a widow.

See 1861 and 1871 Census

See full  details of her husband and children on Edwin Burgar's page

After Edwin's death, Harriet Burgar remarried in 1877, to William Booth. Civil Registration of marriage reference is Jun 1877 V 9c p 423 - Ecclesall B, Sheffield.16  The Marriage Certificate states:

Harriet Burgar, Widow aged 40, of 6 Garden Street, Hollis Croft, Sheffield, married William Booth, Widower aged 54, file maker, of 6 Garden Street, Hollis Croft, Sheffield on 23rd April 1877 at the parish church of Hollis Croft. William signed the register and Harriet sign an 'X'.

Fathers:   William Blanksly, miner & John Booth, miller.

The witnesses were Charles Scargill who signed and Emma Scargill who made her mark.

In both places where Burgar is written, the 'a' in Burgar has an umlaut over it. We believe that this is to place emphasis on the 'gar' ending of Burgar, which is exactly how the name was pronounced in Sheffield and London. We have never seen an umlaut in an English parish register before.

See image of wording.

The witnesses were her sister, Emma Scargill, and her brother-in-law, Charles Scargill.

Her sister, Emma Blanksby, married Charles Scargill in 1858.  Her son George appears as George Blanksby in the 1871 Census, the step-son of Charles Scargill.

See Census returns for Emma (Blanksby) Scargill

Harriet appears in the 1881 census as a widow.  She does not have the surname Booth which would be expected, but has the surname Burgar (actually Burger in the Census).

See 1881 Census.

You will see that Catherine (Martha) was born 2 years after Edwin's death, but she is important since she had offspring having the Burgar surname.

Since Harriet had married William Booth in 1877, why was she not using the Booth surname?

Had the William Booth she married died between 1877 and 1881? Had they had a disagreement and were living apart? At this stage of our searches we have not come to any conclusions about this.

Harriet died in 1889 and was buried under the surname Booth, but in the same grave as her first Husband Edwin Burgar.

She was buried on 26 March 1889 in Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield.294,296,297 A Transcription of the Burial Register for Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield states,

Harriet Booth, Widow, aged 53
Died at 15 Pitt Street
Buried on March 26, 1889 in consecrated Ground.
Grave No. 29, Section S3, of Burngreave Cemetery Sheffield.

Harriet was buried in the same grave as Edwin. Edwin was the fourth person to be buried in this grave. His daughter Emma was next, followed by his wife, now Harriet Booth. There were nine burials altogether.

The details on the Death Certificate 297 state:

Harriet Booth, aged 53 years, died 22nd March, 1889 at 15 Pitt Street, U.S.D.

Widow of William Booth, File Cutter.

Cause of Death was Bronchitis.

Informant was William Burgar, son, of 9 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield. In attendance at the death.



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