Descendants of Israel Adams (about 1750- 1800)

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Fifth Generation

Julius Adams (1892-19?) - son of Thomas Adams (1845-1925) - son of James Andrew Adams (1810-1886) - son of James Adams (1775-after 1851) - son of Israel Adams (about 1850-1800)

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Julius Adams was born on 4 December 1892 in Battersea, London.88 He was baptized on 6 April 1893 at 12 Shillington Street in Battersea, London.88 The Baptism Register at St Mary, Battersea has the following entry:

Julius Adams, born 4th December 1892, son of Thomas and Rosina Adams, Bricklayer, of 12 Shillington Street, was baptised on 26th April 1893 at St Mary, Battersea.

Julius Adams married his sister-in-law Jessie E Bond 1919 in Wandsworth, London.16 Civil Registration of marriage reference is Dec 1919, Vol 1d, p 1446 - in Wandsworth, London.16

Jessie E Bond was born on 2 September 1889 .88

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Julius Adams and Jessie E Bond had the following children:


Charles Adams was born about 1820.


Rosina J Adams was born in 1920 in Wandsworth, London.16,214 Civil Registration of Births reference is Jun 1920, Vol 1d, p 1132. - in Wandsworth, London16


Doris Adams was born about 1919.

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