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This list is incomplete at the moment and is in the process of being constructed.

Persons Adams Thomas and Ellen Rosina (Rowe) Adams (about 1920)
Bond  Annie (Adams) Bond and children (1911)
Burgar Alfred Burgar (1839-1917) and daughter Esther in 1895

Katherine Burgar marriage 1908

William Edward Burgar in Navy (1896 and 1902)

William Edward Burgar and family 1915 and with mother and brother 1917

Joseph Henry Burgar off to Boer War (1898) and Family (1914)

Alfred James Burgar (1905) and family (1920)

Elizabeth Lucy (Burgar) Williamson (1870-1954)


Gough and West Mary (Gough, Burgar) West and family (1820-1860)
Peacock Frederick Peacock (1871-1954) and family
Winkfield, Berkshire. Adams family, very unusual pillars in centre aisle and plaque of origin..
Clavering, Essex


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