Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fourth Generation

 Rebecca Burgar (1869- 1937) - daughter of Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797) >  

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Rebecca Burgar was born on 5 Sep 1869 in Camberwell London.16,106,125  Civil Registration of Births reference is Dec 1869 V 1d p 673 - Camberwell London16,  The following is a summary of her Birth Certificate:

Rebecca Burgar, daughter of Walter Burgar, Butcher, and Rachel Burgar, formerly Netto, of 3 Ann's Terrace, Camden Grove, North Peckham, was born on the 5th September 1869. Registered by Rachel Burgar on the 15th October 1869 in sub-district of St George Camberwell.

Rebecca appears in the 1871 to 1901 Census living at home with her parents.

See 1871 and 1881Census.

See 1891 and 1901 Census

Rebecca died on the 11th  March 1937 at 103 Rosemary Road, Peckham.125

Rebecca Burgar and Henry James Harwood were married in 1903 in Southwark London.16   Civil Registration of marriage reference is Dec 1903 V 1D p 293 - Southwark London.16 106,

This is a summary of her Marriage Certificate (it was difficult to read and will be revised at a later date): 125

Rebecca Burgar, 34, Spinster, of 64 Thornton ? St, and Henry James Harwood, 36, Ganger, of 64 Thornton St, were married by Banns on the 25th December 1908 at St Stephens. Both signed.
Her father was William James Burgar, ? foreman. his father was William Richard? Harwood, deceased, Painter.
The witnesses were William Albert Kann? and Catherine Maud Rice. Both signed.

There seems to be some confusion with respect to the name of her father. He is here named as William James Burgar, whereas he was really Walter Burgar (and Rachel Netto as on her Birth certificate). He was a butcher for most of his life but in later years prior to his death he was a 'scavenger' in the 1891 Census, and is recorded as a labourer when his daughter Emily Harriet married in 1901. .

It seems surprising that a 34 year old does not know the name of her father when he only died 5 years earlier. There is no mention that he was deceased. Very Strange. She died on 11 Mar 1937 at 103 Rosemary Road, Peckham..90

According to William Harwood 128 , (Rebecca's son), Rebecca suffered from Epiletic fits (said by the family to be the result of being scratched by a cat).

Rebecca Burgar and Henry James Harwood were married on 25 Dec 1903 in St Stephens Church, Walworth.16, 129

Henry James Harwood was born on 19 Feb 1866.125  and died on 10 Dec 1947.125

Rebecca Burgar and Henry James Harwood had the following children:



Winifred Kate Harwood was born in 1905.125 She was living about 1980 in 40 Hillcrest, Sunray Avenue, Tulse Hill.125  

Winifred Kate Harwood and Edward Anderson were married about 1930.125  

Edward Anderson  died about 1980.125



Henry James Harwood was born in 1907.128     His Birth Certificate states:

Henry James Richard Harwood, son of Henry James Harwood, general labourer, and Rebecca Harwood (formerly Burgar) was born on 17th April 1907 at 103 Rosmary Road. The birth was registered on the by H.J. Harwood, father of 103 Rosemary Road, on the 27th May 1907 in the sub-district of St George, Camberwell.

William Harwood (below) said that Henry set light to his bedroom on one occasion.  

The Death Certificate states:

Henry James Harwood, aged 7 years, died of Miliary Tuberculosis (2 months) on 17th January 1915 at Kings College Hospital. He was the son of Henry James Harwood, Borough Council Labourer, of 103 Rosemary Street. The death was registered by R. Harwood, mother, of 103 Rosemary Road, Peckham on 19th January 1915 in the sub-district of Brixton in the registration district of Lambeth.It is thought that he died young



William Henry Thomas Harwood was born in 1910.128



Alice Emily Harwood.

William Harwood was born about 1870.7

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