Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fourth Generation

 Rachel Burgar (1861-1903) - daughter of Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Rachel Burgar was born on 14 Nov 1861 in 3 Shaftsbury St Walworth.15,16,87,106 Civil Registration of Births reference is Dec 1861 V 1d p 232 - Newington Walworth London16 She was baptized on 15 Dec 1861 in St Peters, Walworth, London.87 The baptism Register at St Peters, Walworth, London has:

Rachel, born on the 14th November 1861, daughter of Walter and Rachel Burgar, Butcher, of 3 Shaftsbury Street, was baptised on the 15th December 1861 at St Peters, Walworth.

She died on 28 Oct 1903 at London Central.90,106,125 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1903 V 1c p 10.  Aged 43. - London Central.16

Rachel appears in the 1871 census living with her parents.

See 1871 Census

In 1876 Rachel appeared in court accused of Larceny.  Her brother,Walter, was charged with receiving stolen goods.

See details of court case and the outcome.

Rachel received a sentence of 1 months hard labour, followed by 3 years in a reformatory.

By 1881 she was out of prison and In the 1881 Census she was a servant to a Member of the Stock Exchange.  

See 1881 Census

Rachel then married her first cousin Joseph Charles Burgar16  (1865 - 1912, the third son of her uncle Alfred) in 1884. Civil Registration of marriage reference is Sep 1884 V 1D p 340 - St Saviour, Southwark, London.16

Joseph Burgar was only  19 years old at the time and their first child was born soon afterwards. It seems that they must have had to get married.

After having 2 daughters, and possibly a son, Joseph left Rachel and, as far as can be understood, the 2 branches of the family did not speak to each other again. One of Rachel's daughters was a cripple. Both Rachel and Joseph Charles later re-married.

See Details of Joseph Charles Burgar (Cousin and husband)

After the break up of her marriage to her cousin, Joseph Burgar, she became a servant to a wealthy family living in Cumberland.

See 1891 Census.

Rachael Burgar and Joseph Charles Burgar had the following children:



Catherine Rachel Burgar was born in 1884 in Camberwell London.16 Civil Registration of Births reference is Dec 1884 V 1d p 905 - Camberwell London16

She died in 1886 at Camberwell London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1886 V 1d p 468. Aged 1. - Camberwell London.16



Henry George Burgar was born in 1886 in Wandsworth London.16 Civil Registration of Births reference is Dec 1886 V 1d p 726 - Wandsworth London16

He died in 1889 at Lambeth, London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1889 V 1d p 207. Aged 3. - Lambeth, London.16

It is unsure whether Henry George is a child of Joseph and Rachael. He has been placed with them on the basis of place of birth. Further work needs to be carried out to prove that he is their child.



Katherine (Kathleen) Burgar.

See descendants for this couple on the family tree for Walter Burgar and Rachael Netto

In 1895 Rachel Burgar married Henry Tucker.16  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Jun 1895 V 1D p 1127 - Wandsworth London.16 

The following is a summary of her Marriage Certificate25  :

Rachel Burgar, 33, widow, of The Grove Leamington? and Henry Tucker, 30, Bachelor, Groom, of The Grove Leamington? were married on 5th May 1895 at the Parish Church of Tooting Graveney* Both signed.
Her father was Walter Burgar, Labourer. His father was William Tucker, Clerk.
The witnesses were Thomas Charles Burgar and Emily Burgar. Both signed.
* The parish church is probably St Nicholas, Church Lane Tooting Graveney.

Rachel was certainly not a widow at this time since her husband and first cousin, Joseph Burgar, was still alive. However, since they had been separated for more than a decade, she could well believe that such a title was appropriate.

The Marriage Register of St Nicholas, Tooting Graveney, London268  , has the same information, and states:

Rachel Burgar, aged 33 years, widow, of The Grove Leamington and Henry Tucker, aged 30 years, Bachelor, Groom, of The Grove Leamington were married by Banns on 5th May 1895. Both signed the Register.

The Fathers were: Walter Burgar, Labourer, and William Tucker, Clerk.

The witnesses were: Thomas Charles Burgar and Emily Burgar. Both signed.

It is unlikely that Rachael divorced Joseph, so this second marriage would have been bigamous.

See attitudes to marriage

In 1901 Rachel  was living with her husband Henry Tucker, her surviving child, Kathleen, and her niece Katherine Emma Elliston.

See 1901 Census returns.

Henry Tucker was born in Sep 1864 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset.132

After Rachel died in 1903, Henry Tucker remarried to Mary Ann Barnicot on 14th January 1906. 132

A summary of the Marriage Certificate is:

Henry Tucker, 41, Widower, Caretaker, of Wellbeck St, Cavendish Sq. and Mary Ann Barnocott, 33, Spinster, of ? Gardens Rd?, were married by License on 14th January 1906 at St Chrysostom, Peckham. Both signed.
His father was William Tucker, Clerk. her father was Cornelius Barnicott, Sailor.
The Witnesses were Katherine Burgar and ?? Barnicott?. Both signed.

Henry's step-daughter, Kathleen Burgar, was a witness at the wedding.



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