Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fifth Generation

 Mary Elizabeth Burgar (1883-19?) - daughter of George (Wetherilt) Burgar(1860-1921) - son of Alfred Burgar (1839-1917) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Mary Elizabeth Burgar was born on 20 Jan 1883 in Chelsea, London.15,16,88 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1883 V 1d p 343 - Chelsea, London16 She was baptized on 9 Feb 1883 in St Mary, Battersea, London.88 The following is a summary of the entry in the Baptism Register:

Mary Jane, born on the 20th January 1883, daughter of George and Clara Adeline Burgar, Plumber of 5 Wellington Road, was baptised on the 9th February 1883 at St Mary Battersea.

Note that she was christened as Mary Jane.

See 1901 Census

Mary Elizabeth Burgar had the following children:



Charles George Burgar was born in 1901 in Fulham London.16 Civil Registration of Births reference is Sep 1901 V 1A p 367 - Fulham London16

He died in 1901 as Charles Bradshaw at Camberwell London.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1901, Vol 1d, p569. Aged 0. - Camberwell London.16

It is believed that the Charles George Burgar that was born and the Charles Bradshaw that died are the same person. However, it has not been proved definitively.

Mary Elizabeth Burgar and Charles John Bradshaw were married in 1902 in Fulham London.16
Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1902 V 1A p 440 - Fulham London.16

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