Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fifth Generation

 John Arthur Burgar (1899-1975) - son of Joseph Henry Burgar (1868-1928) - son of Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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John Arthur Burgar was born in 1899 in Curragh Eire.16  GRO Regimental Birth Indices (1761-1924) has :

John A Burgar                  Curragh,       1899                8th Hussars   V 270, P 132

It seems that his father, Joseph Henry Burgar, recorded the birth in both the registers for the 15th and 8th Hussars Regiments.

He enlisted in the Army when he was 18 years old.  Unfortunately, he suffered from Epilepsy, and this showed up when he caught pleurisy and was in military and then a civil hospital for a month. The result was that he was discharged from the Army after less than 4 months service. 111

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Following this set back he ran an electrical business in the Manchester area.  He had a setback when he was taken to court for using flashing indicators on his car.  At this time (1950s) indicators had to be of the spring loaded arm type.  He argued vigorously in court that flashing indicators were so much better, but still ended up being fined.

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John Arthur was a local Councillor and fought hard to protect the local environment.

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He died in 1975 at Bangor Wales.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1975 V 25 p 0098. Aged 76. - Bangor Wales.16

John Arthur Burgar and Margaret Williamson were married in 1929 in Salford Lancashire.16 Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1929 V 8D p 631 - Salford Lancashire.16

They did not have children.

Margaret Williamson was born in 1898.6 She died in 1982 at Bangor Wales.16 Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1982 V 25 p 56. Aged 84. - Bangor Wales.16

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