Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fifth Generation

 Cecily Rachael Burgar (1906- 1991) - daughter of Alfred James Burgar (1876-1915) - son of Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Cicely Rachel Burgar was born on 14 Feb 1906 in Camberwell London.16,127   Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1906 V 1d p 973 - Camberwell London16    Cecily was born at Jocelyn St, Peckham. 127

She died on 30 Sep 1991.126

Cecily met Catherine Burgar while working in London in 1924. Catherine Burgar was a teacher from Canada, and was on a teachers exchange. This family has been shown not to be related to the English Burgar family by DNA studies. However, they have typically Norse Viking DNA and are thus thought to derive from Orkney or Shetland.

Cecily was a dressmaker in the 1930s.127

Cicely Rachel Burgar and Ernest A Willis were married in 1926 in Wandsworth London.16 Civil Registration of marriage reference is Jun 1926 V 1D p 764 - Wandsworth London.16

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Ernest A Willis was born on 12 Nov 1896.127
He died on 2 Aug 1967.127
In the 1950s he was a Tennis court and bowling green layer.

Cicely Rachel Burgar and Ernest A Willis had the following children:



Joyce Willis.



Ray Willis.



Celia Willis.



Mavis Willis.



John Willis was born in 1945.126  He died in 1945.126



Ernest Willis was born on 13 Aug 1948.127

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