Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Third Generation

Caroline Burgar (1847-after 1901) - daughter of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Caroline Burgar was born in 1847 in St Brides, Fleet St, London.10,16,25,89 Civil Registration of Births reference is Sep 1847, V 2, p 179. - City of London16

The birth of Caroline Burgar was registered as Caroline Bugar. Census returns state that she was born in Fleet Street. She is recorded as being with her father in the 1851 Census.

See 1851 Census

Caroline was only a year old when her mother died and only 6 when her father died. We are not sure who looked after her during her childhood. However, she finished up at the Central London District School at Hanwell in the 1861 Census. This was a newly built orphanage for children from Central London and held over 1,200 children. Caroline may have been in one of the older buildings in Central London prior to this new orphanage being built. It is thus possible that she went into an orphanage soon after her father died.

See 1861 Census

Click here to see details of the Central London district Ophanage at Hanwell

In the 1871 Census she is a Domestic Servant at Aldgate in London. Several people in the house were butchers.

See 1871 Census

The following year Caroline Burgar married Thomas Rickard who was a butcher. Caroline Burgar and Thomas Rickard were married in 1872 at St Marks, Whitechapel, London.16,89  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1872 V 1C p 675 - Whitechapel, London.16  The Marriage Register states:

Caroline Burgar, Spinster aged 23 of 9 Great Prescott Street and Thomas Rickard, bachelor aged 24 , Butcher, of 8 Fenter Street South, were married on the 3rd January 1872 at St Marks, Whitechapel. Both signed the register. Caroline's father is recorded as Walter Burgar, Shoemaker and his father as Robert Rickard, Iron Founder. The witnesses were George Lewis and Samuel long.

It would seem that Caroline was hazy about her father's name and put him down as Walter, actually her eldest brother. Since she would have little knowledge of her father this may not be surprising. Her brother John thought that his father's name was Alfred, but this was also a brother. 

After marrying Thomas Rickard, Caroline had two children, Frank in 1873 and Minnie in 1878 (recorded in the June volume of Births). Thomas Rickard fathered another child, Nelly Rose, in the same year (recorded in the September volume of Births) . The mother, who appears on Nellie Rose's birth certificate is Ellen Ann Butler who was about 17 at the time of the birth.

Caroline (Burgar) Rickard seems to have left Thomas at this time and in 1881 is living apart from him along with her daughter Minnie.

See 1881 Census for Caroline

Thomas Rickard is living with his mother, his son Frank (by Caroline Burgar), two daughters, Nelly Rose and Mildred (by Ellen Ann Butler) and Ann Butler who is listed as being single.

See 1881 Census for Thomas Rickard

Meanwhile, Caroline (Burgar) Rickard is in the 1891 Census, living with her two children, Frank and Minnie. In the 1901 census Caroline was living alone. By this time Frank and Minnie had both married.

See 1891 Census for Caroline

Finally she is living alone in the 1901 Census.

See 1901 Census for Caroline

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Caroline Burgar and Thomas Rickard had the following children:



Frank Rickard.



Minnie Rickard.



George Rickard.  Was the twin of Minnie. 

The Baptism Register of St Botolph, Aldgate, London, states:

George, son of Thomas and Caroline Rickard, Carman, of 8, New Square, Minories, City of London, was born on 28/2/1878 and baptised on 24/3/1878.


Thomas Rickard (son of Robert Rickard and Mary Ann) was born in 1848.89

After deserting his wife Caroline Burgar, Thomas Rickard paired up with Ellen Ann Butler.

In the 1891 and 1901 Censuses, Thomas Rickard and Ellen Ann Butler are listed as being a married couple. They had three children, Nelly Rose, Mildred and Arthur, who are seen with them in the various Census returns.

See 1891 Census for Thomas Rickard

See 1901 Census for Thomas Rickard

The origins of Thomas Rickard and his mother are unclear at the moment.  However, there are several appearances in earlier censuses that may relate to them. In 1871 a Mary Rickard and son Joseph are living in Luton (RG 10/1571, page 2, folio 49).  In 1861, Mary Rickard with sons Thomas (a butchers boy) and Joseph are living in Aylesbury (RG 9/865, page 12, folio 32). In 1851 Mary Rickard is living with Thomas Rickard, a 4 year old nephew (HO 107/1721, page 13, folio 296).  In all cases Mary is a needlewoman, and the ages are consistent throughout the 3 census returns. This situation needs to be investigated further.

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