Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Second Generation

Walter Burgar (1789-1857) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Walter Burgar was born on 24 May 1789 in St Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London.51 He was baptized on 14 Jun 1789 in St Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London.51  The following is a summary of the entry in the parish Baptism Register:

Walter, born 24th May 1789, son of John and Catherine Burgar, was baptised on 14th June 1789 at St Botolphs Bishopgate, London.

Civil Registration of Death reference is Dec 1857, Vol 1a, p 256, St Martin in the Fields Middlesex - St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex.16  He died Bronchitis on 3 Nov 1857 at 8 Conduit Court, Long Acre, St Martin in the Fields.17 The Death Certificate states:

On 3rd November 1857, Walter Burgar of 8 Conduit Court, Long Acre, St Martin-in-the-fields Male aged 68, Boot Closer jouneyman, died of chronic bronchitis one and a half years. The informant was Susan Stynes who was present at the death. Her address was 26, Moss? Alley, Bank Side, Holland St, Blackfriars Road.

Walter died in 1857 at the age of 68 years. This would mean that he was born in 1789, in agreement with the above birth date.

Susan (Burgar) Stynes,  the person present at the death, was the niece of the above Walter. Her father was Joseph (1784-1854), the younger brother of Walter.

There were three Walter Burgar born in the later 1700s which has caused confusion. However we are now sure that the above Walter is the child of John and Catherine Burgar.

See notes on the Walter Burgar around in the early 1800s.

We have found Walter in the 1841 and 1851 Census

See 1841 and 1851 Census

Walter Burgar and Christian Jones were married on 16 Apr 1827 in St George, Hanover Sq, London.59 
The following is a summary of the entry in the Marriage Register:

Walter Burgar and Christian Jones both of this parish were married on the 16th April 1827 at St George Hanover Square. The witnesses were John Gilbert and Elizabeth Jones.

See Signatures

The Vicar has said that it can be assumed that they were Bachelor and Spinster.  It is assumed that Elizabeth Jones was a sister. Surprisingly all 4 participants signed the register.

Walter seems to have lived his later years in the area around the Strand in London.  Newcastle Street and Eagle Court, which have been demolished, were in the area that is now the Aldwich and Kingsway.

Christian Jones was born in 1790.17
She died on 24 Jul 1837 at 10 Newcastle St Strand.54  Civil Registration of Death reference is Sep 1837 V 1 p 315. - Strand London.16 Her Death Certificate states:

Christian Burgar, died 21st July 1837, aged 47. Cause of Death was Delirum Tremons -Insanity with trembling from intemperance. The informant was John Walsh, Brother-in-Law, Publican of 10 Newcastle Street, Strand, in Parish of St Clement Danes.

It would seem that Christian (Jones) Burgar might have been difficult to live with. It is possible that Walter was living apart from her at this time, otherwise it might be expected that his name would appear on the Death certificate or in the Burial register.

She was buried on 30 Jul 1837 in St Clement Danes, Holborn, London.54 The following is a summary of the entry in the Burial Register:

Christian Burgar, aged 47 years, of 10 Newcastle Street was buried on the 30th July 1837 at St Clement Danes London.

In the Poor Rates Book in 1837 for the area is the entry:

John Walsh, 10 Newcastle Street, 60 rental.

This suggests that he had a substantial property, since this is well above the average rental value, and possibly was the public house.

Thomas Jones, Publican, of Newcastle Street, was paying Poor Rates in about 1815. This is possibly her father (need to look into this further). If her father was a publican, his business may have been taken over by his son-in-law John Walsh. Christian Jones may have been a barmaid there, hence her descent into over drinking.


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