Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Fourth Generation

 Alfred Burgar (1876-1915) - son of Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Alfred  Burgar was born on 13 Feb 1876 in Camberwell London.16,106 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1876 V 1d p 828 - Camberwell London16 The following is a summary of his Birth Certificate:

Alfred Burgar, son of Walter Burgar, Labourer at Whiting factory, and Rachel Burgar, formerly Netto, of 23 Bell Garden Terrace, Peckham, was born on the 13th February 1876. Registered by W. Burgar, father, on the 24th March 1876.

Alfred lived with his parents until his marriage in 1904.

See 1901 Census returns.

Alfred Burgar and Minnie Caroline Stiles were married on 14 Feb 1904 in Camberwell London.292  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1904? V 1D p 982 - Camberwell London.16

See Photo of Alfred James

He died on 8 Dec 1915 at Croyden Surrey.16,106  Civil Registration of Death reference is December 1915 V 2a p 436. Aged 39. - Croyden Surrey.16 

He was buried on 8 Dec 1915 in Tooting Church, Cemetery, opposite the Mitre, Rectory Lane.126 

The Death Certificate states:

Alfred Burgar, aged 39, of 72 Maybury Street, Tooting SW died on the 8th December 1915 at Croydon General Hospital. Occupation was a munitions worker. Cause of Death was burns by an accidental explosion at Pain's Munition Factorycaused by friction in loosing a mould. Certificate received from Thomas Jackson, Coroner for Croydon. Inquest held 13th December 1915. Death was registered on the 15th December 1915.

The Registration District was Croydon and the Sub-district was West Croydon.

Similar information is contained in the Burial register for St Nicholas, Tooting.

See reports in the Local Newspaper of the explosion and death.

In 1904 he married Minnie Caroline Stiles.  Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1904 V 1d p 982 - Camberwell London.16 

The Marriage Register of St Chrysostoms, Peckham,290, 292   states:

Alfred Burgar, aged 28, Bachelor and labourer, of 13 Bells Gardens Road, and Minnie Caroline Stiles, aged 25, spinster, of 13, Bells Gardens Road, were married by Banns on the 14th February 1904 in the parish church of St Chjrysostom, Peckham.

AB and MCS signed.

The Parents were: Walter Burgar, Deceased, Labourer, and Edward John Stiles, Dairyman.

The witnesses were: Frances Ady? Stiles and George Charles Goldsmith.

Minnie Caroline Stiles was born on 13 Jun 1879 in Poplar London.15

The Baptism Register for ChristChurch, North Brixton, 293 states:

Minnie Caroline, daughter of Minnie James and Edward John Stiles, milkman of 3 Laurence Terrace, Elliot Road, North Brixton, was born 11/6/1879 and baptised 2/7/1879.

(Unusually, the mother was entered in the register prior to the husband).

She died on 30 Oct 1973.127

In the 1901 Census, she was living at home (17 Jocelyn Street, Camberwell) with her parents and was a shop assistant. 15

Alfred Burgar and Minnie Caroline Stiles had the following children:

See photo of Minnie and children



Minnie Victoria Burgar was born on 8 Dec 1905 in Camberwell London.16 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1905 V 1d p 965 - Camberwell London16

She died in May 1906 at Camberwell London.127 Civil Registration of Death reference is Jun 1906 V 1d p 485. Aged 1 - Camberwell London.16



Cicely Rachel Burgar.



Catherine Margaret Burgar.



Alfred James Burgar.



Josephine Netto Burgar.

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