Descendants of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Third Generation

 Walter Burgar (1834-1897) - son of Joseph Burgar (1794-1854) - son of John Burgar (1742-1797)

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Walter Burgar was born in 1834 in City of London.16  In the various Census Returns he is said to have been born at the City Road Hospital or at St Brides, Fleet Street.

He died on 16 Jan 1898 at Camberwell London.16,17, 125  Civil Registration of Death reference is Sep 1898 V 1d p 600. Aged 63. - Camberwell London.16,17 The following is a summary of his Death Certificate:

Walter Burgar, aged 63, General labourer, died 16th January 1898 at 11, Bells Gardens Road, Peckham, of bronchitis 7 days. The informant was Rachel Burgar, widow of the deceased, present at the death, of 11 Bells Garden Road, Peckham
Registered 17th January 1898 in the sub-district of Peckham, in the registration District of Camberwell

In the various censuses he moved from Errand boy 10 to Butcher.11  to Gen. labourer12  to  Railway Porter13  to Scavenger14

See 1841 & 1851 & 1861 Census

Walter was the oldest surviving son of Joseph Burgar and Caroline Cooper.

Walter Burgar married Rachel Netto in 1861 in Bethnal Green, London.16 Civil Registration of marriage reference is Mar 1861 V 1C p 446 - Bethnal Green, London.16, 125   The Marriage Certificate states:

Walter Burgar, Full age, Bachelor, Butcher, of 6 East London Place, Bethnal Green and Rachel Netto, Full age, Spinster, of 7 East London Place, Bethnal Green were married by Banns on 25th February 1961, at St James the Less, Bethnal Green, Middlesex.
Both signed their names .
His father was Joseph Burgar, Bootmaker. Her father was Phineas Netto, grocer.
The witnesses were John Netto who signed and Jane Leah Netto who made her mark.

The witnesses are thought to be her brother and possibly either a sister or sister-in-law. 

The Marriage Register for St James the Less, Bethnal Green London has much the same details as the above Civil Marriage Certificate

On February 25th 1861, Walter Burgar of Full Age, Bachelor and butcher of 6 East London Place and Rachel Netto of Full Age of 7 East London Place were married at St James the Less, Parish of Bethnal Green, Middx. Walter's father was listed as Joseph Burgar, Bootmaker and Rachel's father as Phineas Netto, Grocer. Walter and Rachel both signed. The witnesses were John Netto and Jane Leah Netto

Walter and Rachel then had many children in the Peckham area of south London, hence the term the Peckham Burgars to distinguish them from his brother Alfred's children who are called the Fulham Burgars.

Their eldest three children were all baptised at St Peters in Walworth. After this they must have moved church since there are no further christenings there. The remaining children were located in the Census returns and from Civil Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths as well as the entries in the family bible.

See Tree of Walter and Rachel's descendants.

Of Walter and Rachel's 12 children, 9 survived into adulthood.  However, as far as I am aware there are no Burgar male descendants of Walter to carry on the Burgar line.

In the 1881 Census it is shown that Walter had become a railway porter, not a butcher. The younger members of his family are still living at home.

See 1881 Census

In 1891 Census Walter is seen to have a job as a scavenger.  

See 1891 Census

Rachel Netto was the wife of Walter Burgar

See details of Rachael Nettto her siblings and ancestors.

Walter Burgar and Rachel Netto had the following children:



Rachel Burgar.


Walter James Burgar.


Henry Alfred Burgar was born on 20 Jan 1864 in Camberwell London.16,87,106 Civil Registration of Births reference is Mar 1864 V 1d p 575 - Camberwell London16 He was baptized on 20 Mar 1864 in St Peters, Walworth, London.87 The baptism Register at St Peters, Walworth, London has:

Henry Alfred, born on 20th January 1864, the, son of Walter and Rachel Burgar, Butcher, of 1 Fosters Buildings, was baptised on the 20th March 1864 at St Peters, Walworth.

He died on 3 Jan 1865 at Camberwell London.16,106 Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1865 V 1d p 407. Aged 1. - Camberwell London.16


Catherine Emma Burgar.


Joseph Henry Burgar.


Rebecca Burgar.


Jane Leah Burgar was born on 28 Mar 1872 in Camberwell London.16,106 Civil Registration of Births reference is Jun 1872 V 1d p 695 - Camberwell London16 The following is a summary of her Birth Certificate:

Jane Leah Burgar, daughter of Walter Burgar, Butcher, and Rachel Burgar, formerly Netto, of 20 Cross Street, New Hatcham, was born on the 28th March 1872. Registered by R Burgar, mother, on the 8th May 1872 in sub-district of Peckham.

She died on 19 Feb 1888 at Bethnal Green, London.16,106 Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1888 V 1c p 186. Aged 16. - Bethnal Green, London.16

In the 1881 Census, she was living at 7, Clarkson Place, Camberwell, Surrey. Scholar13


Thomas Charles Burgar.


Alfred James Burgar.


Alice Burgar was born on 31 Mar 1878 in Camberwell London.16 Civil Registration of Births reference is Jun 1878 V 1d P 805 - Camberwell London16,106
She died on 15 Jan 1879 at Camberwell London.16,106 Civil Registration of Death reference is Mar 1879 V 1d p 575. Aged 0. - Camberwell London.16


Emily Harriet Burgar.


William Henry Burgar.

See details of Rachael Nettto her siblings and ancestors.

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